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4 Replies to “Michael Coren interviews attractive yet under-informed Paris based reporter on veil and street-prayer ban”

  1. When the Moslems gain a large enough percentage of population they start enforcing Sharia law in the areas they live in, then once the percentage is larger yet they start getting in your face with things like the praying in the street.

    Eeyore you are right the reporter is very uninformed about Islam and is ignoring the massive evidence of a major threat to her freedom. She is also treating this as a crime rather then an act of rebellion, these are the early moves in a civil war rather then a civil disobedience campaign. The Moslems in France are following an old pattern, one the authorities should recognize but may be ignoring hoping it will go away. Look for larger prayer groups with the Moslems deliberately provoking the police, when they think they have sufficient cause they will riot hoping to scare people into repealing the law.

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