Islamic inventiveness. The exploding sweat band

While CERN discovers that neutrinos under some circumstances can travel faster than light Muslims learn how to pack C4 into a white rag on their heads to take advantage of misplaced respect that Westerners have for their savage customs as they confuse it with culture.

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4 Replies to “Islamic inventiveness. The exploding sweat band”

  1. The turban bombs are proving that the cartoonists were smarter then the PC people realize.

    I really hope the reported FTL particle movements proves out, as a SF reader from the 1950s to now I really want an FTL drive and mankind spreading out to other solar systems where the left can’t tell us how to live, where we can be free rather then live under the massive fascist regulations all nations are not choking on.

  2. if we could colonize other planets here is how it would go.

    Brave and hard working capitalists would go and make a wild success of their new life. It would be obvious to all that their methods and sacrifices where what created a near paradise. Then, Muslims and leftists would start claiming it was exploitative and ungodly, nice and decent people enjoying life on the new planet would think how could anyone not like life as they have it and let them in, and then we would have what we have here. The war between cooperative working societies and the parasites of Islam and the left. The great, ant Vs. grasshopper wars.

  3. Eeyore you are right, but the producers, the ants would then move to more planets further out while the center would start collapsing.

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