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3 Replies to “John Robson gives his usual lucid and direct analysis of the ethics of the KSA”

  1. It is wonderful how the Saudis are on the downward trend after years and years of being the money bags of the world buying up western academics, journalist, politicians etc etc. The Russians are now the number one in terms of oil production in the world. Canada is the number one exporter to the US and here again the Saudis used to be number one. Also American oil is now mixed with ethanol and that grows by 1 percent percent per year. So soon it will be good bye Saudi. Nice knowing you(not!) You will still be able to buy the odd politician but the Canadians will buy a lot more and once the oil pipeline is built will raise their exports of oil to the US even further. An article I read shows that the Saudis are not able to get back to the number one position in the world because they can not. They have been pumping oil for so long that their oil fields, including the worlds biggest, are now becoming deleted.
    Sadad al-Husseini, a geologist and former head of exploration for Saudi oil monopoly Aramco, in November 2007 said this:Husseini told the American official that the Saudis are unlikely to keep to their target oil output of 12.5 million barrels per day output in order to keep prices stable. Husseini also indicated that Saudi producers are likely to hit “peak oil” — the point at which global output hit its high mark — as early as 2012. That means, in essence, that it will be all downhill from there for the enormous Saudi oil industry.
    All I can say is that the muzzies will not be holding us to ransom with their oil any more because they need to sell every drop in order to fund their dwindling income from a devastated running dry oil industry

  2. Two points, if the EPA and the enviros would stop suing the US would be producing enough oil that we wouldn’t need to import from Saudi, of course the law suits will continue because the are about crippling the US and not protecting the environment.

    Second the Saudi’s have already said that when they can no longer pump oil the world is suppose to provide welfare payments that are the same size as the current oil payments.

  3. Make it three points, the politically correct will not accept that anything is done that doesn’t have a racist motive, and will refuse to believe anything the oil industry or anyone connected to the oil industry says. They much prefer to listen to the lies of the left.

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