This is as scary as it gets, and she’s rather open about it. Thanks to Vasarahammer for the heads up on this article, who adds this salient observation:

The target, of course, is to make us good Europeans. It reminds me of the attempts to create Homo Sovieticus. And the method of exposing the test subjects to negative images about Finnish history smells like the movie Clockwork Orange and the Ludovico Technique that was used to curb the main character Alex DeLarge’s violent impulses.

A rebuttal of her thesis by historian Markku Jokisipilä, will be translated and published both here and in another post in the next couple of days. Simply stunning. They really do mean to break us. KGS

 Xenophobia stopped by showing people their own dark history?

On behalf of: Inari Sakki, social psychologist

An understanding of their own country’s gallant history can shore up xenophobic attitudes. Sharp positions may become tolerant, if people are reminded of the history of disgraces.

This is the assumption on which social psychologist Inari Sakki of the Academy of Finland began her three-year project.

Inari Sakki examines the perceptions of the importance of the popularity of anti-immigration. The study consists of two parts: the researcher as defined by the extreme right-wing rhetoric and empirical research manipulation.

According to Sakki, research in Germany already shows evidence that images of concentration camps evoke feelings of shame and guilt, and influences perceptions of foreigners which become more favorable.

Following Germany’s example Sakki will present the target group with photographs and text clips of suppressed issues in Finnish history.

One such area is of World War II concentration camps in Eastern Karelia.

– There’s nothing unethical in the method, This is not a laboratory experiment, but a form-based test, in which manipulation is involved. It should not cause psychological stress, Sakki says.

According to Sakki the important thing is for manipulation to get people to identify with what they saw. Images need to wake up the idea that the viewer is partly responsible.

– In order for collective emotions occur, subjects will experience a historic event as a collective activity, “we Finns did this.”

Sakki is the first to use manipulation in Finland.

In Belgium manipulation was done by using a dark study of the colonial history of Congo. In Britain, the Germans were studied by describing them with the Nazi period.

Finland’s history is a sensitive matter. Sakki received a lot of angry feedback when the University of Helsinki announced the study. The violent mind can become through manipulation gentle like the protagonist in Stanley Kubrick’s film A Clockwork Orange.

Sakki has become familiar with the references to the film. She emphasizes that the study does not attempt to shock, but to explore the collective memory.

– An experimental manipulation, has not yet begun, nor does it really mean nothing to the brain curves. Collective feelings of guilt and anger are a hot topic in social psychology in the world.

Part of the research on rhetoric is the investigation of the blogs of six Finns parliamentarians. Under investigation are immigration critical signers of the Nuivan election manifesto, Jussi Halla-aho, Olli Immonen, James Hirvisaari, Juho Eerola, Maria Lohela ja Vesa-Matti Saarakkala.

– They are very different types of bloggers. Halla-aho is definitely a master. I wonder why the last Facebook update led to political conflict. There’s a lot more rude blurtings of foreigners.

Who: Inari Sakki

Inari Sakki Ph.D. 2010, University of Helsinki Faculty of Social Sciences on “A Success Story or a Failure? – Representing the European Integration in the Curricula and Textbooks of Five Countries “.

In her dissertation she examined books giving a picture on European integration.

Sakki’s academic research examined the history of the Finns and the perception of extreme right-wing support.

She is a social psychologist.




  1. unity in diversity is a central baha’i faith requirement for all humans to accept for the new world order to be successful..

    forced universalism is upon us now..

  2. How about they start practicing this technique with every other ethnic group?
    This technique only works on whites till they come up against the racism towards them by other groups.
    I for one am really tired of hearing the racism towards me.

  3. Yes this forced shame and guilt but that gives pity which is by far the worst of any racist belief there is.

    This can only backfire in their face in the long run.

  4. Don’t forget the manipulation in 1984, don’t forget the main character ended up loving Big Brother. I note that she references Clockwork Orange, I guess she didn’t understand that the book was against such manipulation.

  5. What this amounts to is demonization of a peoples, for the purpose of deligitmizing a state based on that Religio-Ethnic culture and peoples.

    Sound familiar?

    Its Anti Semitism, except its not the Jews that are being demonized and the State of Israel that is being deligitimized. It’s Anti-EuroChristianism.

    Plain and simple.

    This person is a hate monger.

  6. This is the exact same method a foriegn enemy would use. Islamo trolls do just this sort of thing in western media while trying to defend their racist terrorist overlords. And they learned to do it from studying Soviet propoganda tactics.

    The purpose is to make the victim country less able to stand up to the forign agression.

    Is advoctating doing the exact same thing a forign enemy would do the same thing as treason?

    Why should the free citizens of finland be manipulated to change their minds? Why should every country have the same attitudes about everything that every other country has (aside from basic human rights). Different cultures attitudes about immigration are a part of what makes them unique societies.

    Considering the rape explosion that has occured in other scandinavian countries which has been directly caused by immigration, this woman is literally facilitating the mass rape of her fellow Finns.

  7. Why creating an inferiority complex among the westerners will not work:

    “The people of most nations have a natural tendency to believe themselves superior because of their culture, religion and way of life. Such a belief not only makes for a healthy dose of national pride, but also serves as an immune system rallying the people to fight off invasions and maintain their way of life against the winds of change.

    But what happens when people who do believe that their culture, their nationality and their religion are superior immigrate into nations where the host population has been taught that they are no better than anyone else?

    Contrary to liberal dogma, the result can never be tolerance. Only intolerance. And when the cultural and national sense of superiority of new immigrants is encouraged, while that of the native population is discouraged, conflict is inevitable. Under such conditions, assimilation and adaptation are out of the conquest. Why would you want to adapt to an inferior host culture? Why would you respect people who don’t respect themselves?

    So too when European colonialism is depicted as evil, but Muslim colonialism as beneficial, there will be conflict, rather than peaceful co-existence. Rather than defanging nationalism, liberals only cripple the nationalism of their own home countries, while encouraging the nationalism of the new arrivals.”

    Superiority Complex by Daniel Greenfield

  8. Isn’t this what the East German government used against the Germans after the war in order to subjugate them? I read an article years ago about a human resources consultant doing something similar in order to break down perceived racial prejudice. The facilitator actually had some of the participants crying over something their great grandparents had done. I wish I could remember the reference for it.

  9. This is certainly interesting. This is impossible for some nations however, I am thinking of Italy and Britain. These nations are far to great and brilliant for crap like this to work. There fine history of empire, science and art will outshine anything negative by a huge margin. Scandanavians are a different matter. Only on the fringes of the western world from which they picked up their alphabet, religion and modern ways with a violent viking past and a modern taste for whale butchery, these people are a bit more vulnerable to nasty propaganda like this.

  10. maybe cuz I’m religious, but I think the “guilt” treatment can work. But there’s another component to it. By itself, its evil. Going too far one way and a person can be callous and uncaring and will do atrocities to other living beings. Going too far the other way and the person will be so guilt ridden, so remorseful, so thinking that they need to be “punished” for their wrongs that they allow what they know in their hearts to be bad for them, to happen.

    The best route is truth and repentance. Truth, as in acknowledging that wrong has been done. They did wrong. And maybe actually listing out the wrongs can be cathartic, but it is also good in that it prevents someone from over generalizing that they did EVERYTHING wrong (i,e, confession keeps the borders of RIGHTEOUSNESS well from the leftside) then repent. Make up one’s mind that they won’t do this again. I mean for real they won’t do this again. And maybe if they see it (their past wrongs) happening in another part of the world, maybe that they would try to stop it. That is repentance. Once someone has repented; truly repented as in they made a firm decision not to do some wrong again, and moved on from it, there is really no use for guilt. And loading on the guilt treatment surpasses a border on the right side, the other side of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    Now if the person or country is not remorseful, then the antagonist loading on the guilt treatment makes that the person or country now have to fight both the external enemy (Islamists, Islam friendly Euros) and the internal enemy (the part of their heart that feels bad, if any.)

    That’s evil in my book.

  11. I agree with Miriam. She takes the understanding to a level of the individual. This is a step out of the arena where the joint guilt that these people try to induce in individuals who are part of a collective culture. Once out of that arena one sees that one is an individual and hence subject to a deeper understanding as regards ones own feeling about truth and repentance. An understanding arises of trying to be a better person full of this understanding; and away from shame and hopelessness which makes one more manageable as a mere member of a group; instead of being an adult human with conscience, repentance, love and freedom to be a better person on ones own terms of understanding.

  12. You are right Richard. A Clockwork Orange was a clash between opposing methods of Psychology; B.F. Skinner’s operant conditioning and free will.

  13. …“we Finns did this.”

    So the Muslims did it? I mean, if the Muslims become Finns the moment they get off the plane, then the Muslims did it? Yes? No? If “no”, why?

    Insanity is the new normal.

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