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2 Replies to “Ezra continues to expose Canadian media dhimmitude to the Saudis”

  1. For some reason I can’t post my comment over at Blazing’s. Maybe it’s too long. So I’ll post my genius here 🙂

    The islamic ideology is a socio-political ideology –

    1. Based on apartheid. There are only two “races” in islam : muslims and kuffars (all non-muslims). Kuffars are unable to give evidence against a muslim, for example. Kuffars are subject to cultural genocide. Kuffar’s young girls are kidnapped and converted and, thereby, their parents lose all rights to custody of their children as a muslim cannot be under the control of a kuffar.

    2. Human chattel slavery is a legal, valid economic activity that has a 1400 years history against Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Africans. There would never have been a trans-atlantic slave trade without the islamic slave trade, and the Europeans and Americans bought the human chattel slaves from the islamic wholesalers in human lives.

    3. Treats all women as breeding and fornicating beasts in a man’s personal bordello.

    4. The bordello structure of islamic society means that a large percentage of men will not have the opportunity of even one “wife”. Roughly speaking male/female births are around 50/50 (generally more males). If one man : four sex beast “wives”, this means that 75% of the males don’t get a look in. Jihad is the only way to overcome the problem of angry, horny young men both through their death and their “right” to capture the women of the kuffars. Its whole structure is for continual war.

    Yeah, I’d say we’re a lot more ethical than not just the Saudi’s but the whole islamic civilisation. Well, except for our “progressive” luvvies, the’re competing in the same sewer as the islamic ideology for the prize of human degradation.

  2. The left has spent decades instilling the idea that the west is suppose to be guilty over what some of our ancestors did, so guilty that we are suppose to allow all other cultures and nations do anything they want.

    Personally I refuse to feel guilty about anything unless I committed the act.

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