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11 Replies to “Excellent FBI lecture on the true nature of Islam”

  1. Is this the one the dhimmis in the State Department were condemning and grovelling in apology for, presumably for it’s accuracy?

  2. I think this gentleman is well worth finding and asking him to redo his lecture in more favourable conditions for filming. What is posted is all that KitmanTV found so far of his lecture. I managed to clean the sound up a bit as the original recording was a bit exhausting to listen to. But ideally, I would like to find him and get him to speak in an auditorium and record it properly.

    I’ll see what I can do but current events are making it difficult to plan anything as each day recently has its share of horror.

  3. More background on the FBI trainer, William Gawthrop from the American Military University website [w/contact info]:

    “William Gawthrop received his Masters of Science, Strategic Intelligence, from the National Defense Intelligence College in 2002 and his Bachelor of Science, Law Enforcement, from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville Texas, 1975, He is also a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and the United State Marine Corps Command and Staff College. He is currently an Intelligence Analyst with the United States Government. He was previously:
    – an Instructor at the National Defense Intelligence College, Defense Intelligence Agency
    – the Department of Defense Program Manager, Joint Terrorist Task Force, Counterintelligence Field Activity, Washington, DC
    – a Counterintelligence Analyst, National Security Agency
    – a Counterintelligence Staff Officer, at the US Army Special Operations Agency, Pentagon
    – Brigade Staff Intelligence Officer, Frankfurt, GE
    – Assistant J2, Joint Task Force Bravo, Operation Provide Comfort, Iraq
    – Chief, All Source Production Branch, V Corp, Frankfurt, GE
    – and an Intelligence Collector, (Light Weapons Infantryman) Co H, 75th Infantry, 1st Cavalry Division, Vietnam where he earned the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.
    His most recent publications include:
    – The Dogmatic Basis of Jihad and Martyrdom”, Small Wars Journal, July 2011
    – Zakat-A Warfare Funding Mechanism”,The Vanguard – The Journal of the Military Intelligence Corps Association Vol 15, No 2.
    – The Sources and Patterns of Terrorism In Islamic Law. The Vanguard – The Journal of the Military Intelligence Corps Association, Vol 11, No 4, and
    – Countering Political Islam”; Counterterrorism – The Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Security International, Vol 10, No. 4.
    Mr. Gawthrop analytic interests include Islamic Law

    We are damn lucky to have him!

  4. I pray he is allowed to keep up the good work, he is educating people in the facts about Islam and its ideological side. But then it is and always has been an ideology calling itself a religion.

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