Israeli Marseille consulate evacuated after bomb threat

From the Jerusalem Post:

09/20/2011 12:59

Anonymous call to police says bomb located in van parked outside consulate in French city; sappers find fake device and call off alert.


The Israeli Consulate in Marseille, France was temporarily evacuated on Tuesday after local police received an anonymous threat that their was a bomb near the building and sappers discovered a suspicious device in a van parked outside, AFP reported.

A bomb disposal squad who arrived on the scene found a fake bomb in the vehicle parked outside the consulate. The mock bomb consisted of a pressure cooker with wires protruding, marked with radiation warning stickers.

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  1. You don ‘t have to use a real bomb to make a terror attack, a fake one and a phone call works almost as well, after all they can’t ignore the threats because you may be setting them up to ignore the real bomb.

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