Ezra Levant continues to expose Saudi lawfare and KSA attempts to silence media

Ezra Levant and SUN TV may well be the most couragious media in the world today. I really mean that. Perhaps more importantly, what they say is unimpeachably true. Their critics rarely if ever argue with them. Just name calling and threatening or exposing them to threats. But rarely if ever are they challenged on the facts.

I added a little video comment of my own to the end of this by the way.

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4 Replies to “Ezra Levant continues to expose Saudi lawfare and KSA attempts to silence media”

  1. The Foreign Minister stepped in against Iranium’s screening from Iran. Not Saudi though. Guess Canada, like ring-kissing Obowma, understand whose dhimmi lapdogs we are.

  2. Thank you Ezra Levant! I just hope Stockwell Day has it right regarding Libya and its drive towards democracy. I am far less optimistic. Who knows what kind of -cracy they’ll end up with.

  3. The only thing wrong with the West is our weak leadership, as far as I can tell no Western nation has strong leadership, some are stronger then others but all are still weak.

  4. Just highlights the left’s tireless advocacy of the ONLY right they defend for women- abortion.

    The right to wear clothes instead of a shroud, the right to drive, the right to have one husband who has no other wives, the right to refuse genital mutilation, etc…not so much.

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