British police arrest 7 in suspected Islamist terror plot in Birmingham

Found at Blazing

Washington Post:

       By Associated Press, Updated: Monday, September 19, 6:34 AM

LONDON — British police arrested a group of suspected Islamic extremists on Monday in one of the most significant counter-terror operations of the year.

Officers were also carrying out raids on several homes and a commercial property in the central city of Birmingham as part of the intelligence-led operation.

Although the plot was in its early stages and targets weren’t immediately known, British security officials said the threat appeared significant and involved Islamic extremists. Authorities said it didn’t appear that ongoing political conferences were the intended target.

West Midlands assistant police chief Marcus Beale said the suspects were arrested in or near their homes by unarmed police officers as part of a “large, pre-planned, intelligence-led counter terrorism operation.”

Six men were arrested overnight and were being held under anti-terror legislation. A woman was also arrested Monday morning for failing to disclose information. The suspects are aged between 22 and 32. All were described as being British residents, and police would not give any details about nationalities or ethnicity.

The threat level remained at “substantial” Monday.

“As more details emerge of this plot, the threat level may be reassessed,” according to a British government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of his work and the ongoing investigation.

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4 Replies to “British police arrest 7 in suspected Islamist terror plot in Birmingham”

  1. Poor Muslims – they are after all living in the most deprived area of the UK. They were so much better off in their native lands, but were dragged over to the UK against their will, to become the serfs of Whitey.

    No wonder they are “restive”.

  2. There is one item that is missing. What, you inquire.

    It is that policeman are not re-assuring Muslim residents in the area that these arrests have nothing to do with Islam, and Muslims are not being targeted.

    Something has changed, or they just forgot, in all the rush.


    MOGADISHU, SOMALIA (BosNewsLife) – Hungry minority Christians in Somalia faced another struggle Sunday, September 18, after suspected Islamic militants beheaded a Christian convert and foreign aid workers were banned from reaching a dying population.

    Somali Christians and human rights activists confirmed that the body of Juma Nuradin Kamil, a kidnapped Christian who converted from Islam, was found decapitated near the southern town of Hudur on September 2.

    But such an event would never ever get covered by our dhimmi MSM.

    Pray for Christians in Somalia. They are the real martyrs and saints.

  3. You would think that even the dumbest politician would wake up to the fact that appeasement doesn’t work, all it does is make the terrorists bolder.

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