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16 Replies to “Grinding America Down”

  1. And pointing this out means you will be called a racist, sexist homophobe who deserves to be hung. the pseudo intellectuals that the schools are now turning out are incapable of recognizing statism in any form not just communism.

  2. The success of the communist movement is further evidenced by the recent removal of Glenn Beck from Fox News Channel. It seems he was getting too close to the truth…

  3. I hear it. But I still don’t understand why? WhY? What’s the end goal? So that the communists are on top and everyone else is serving them? What’s the difference between that and all the bilderberg type theories (few select rich folks who want everyone else to serve them). I want to understand this, please.

  4. What is the end goal? These are people who think that, beyond the west, is some classless marxist utopia where all people will exist in a large amorphous global superstate where there is no violence and everyone sits around strumming kumbaya on their guitars while having massive LSD fed orgies, etc. etc. Really its a totally untenable position, but with todays short attention span clueless generation, it seems like an attractive reality. To see how nutty these people can get, check out this channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/stefbot Completely batshit crazy.

    The end goal is ultimately to hit the “reset” button on civilization so they can start again doing it their way with Marxism as the mantra. Only problem is that the muslims they’ve aligned themselves with are far more cunning, determined, and have much longer historical memories, and will handily crush the revolutionary left’s movements that they’ve started, just like the recent one in Cairo, and the earlier movement in Tehran in 1978.

  5. Why, after hundreds of millions killed by Leftists in the 20th century, the global catastrophe caused by Leftism, the left still continues to believe that they have the solution?

    Why after centuries of mass murder and genocide done by and in the name of Islam, the destruction of everything good, Muslims and Leftists still think they have the answers.

    The only reason I can think why is – liberals and leftists are stupid. So stupid that they cant learn even after mass murder and genocide, the gulag, the killing fields etc.

    As for Muslims- they are just brainwashed from birth.

  6. Although I’d go along with a quasi Marxist agenda, which many people hold, even if they aren’t aware of it, to blame the collapse of the Western world on homosexuality is a bit rich.
    When the argument takes this turn, the word phobic does spring to mind. Communism, Islam, National Socialism, these are to be feared. But a rejection of Statism, in all its guises, surely means people should be free to indulge their own sexual proclivities.
    It’s ironic that by implying that acts between consenting adults should be proscribed (by who the state?), he’s advocating both more statism, whilst rallying against it?
    Strange attitude.

  7. @blindguard:
    Not only is the speaker against ‘consenting adults’ he also appears to be against accepting women as adults. Maybe I am over-sensidised by all this ‘propaganda’, but it sounds like he wants us to go back to the biblical golden age – which has never existed – and give all the power back to the priests.
    Communists didn’t bring down religion, priests did.

    Oh yes, and I don’t like socialism either.

  8. Miriam, I too have puzzled over this, but I think it’s all about power and control and
    It suits the purpose of the Marxists and the Bilderbergs to use each other to achieve
    their goal; inevitably there will come a time when irresistible force meets the immovable object and it’s any one’s guess what the final outcome will be.
    However the fly in the ointment will be Islam.

  9. Do you guys realize that The Naked Communist was written by a conservative? He wrote down those alleged goals to accuse all of his political opponents of being communists. Can’t you see that through?

  10. The only objectively moral socio-economic system is that based on the principle of individual rights – that is, laissez-faire capitalism. And not only is laissez-faire capitalism the only moral socio-economic system, it is also by far the most productive socio-economic system, the benefits of which productivity raise the standard of living of all people far higher than any other socio-economic system could ever do. All forms of statism, including the creeping statism of interventionism, have their roots in the irrational ethics of altruism/collectivism, which ethics is anathema to the principle of individual rights and springs from a deeply erroneous view of reality.

    Whether homosexuality or pornography, etc., are moral or immoral is totally irrelevant in defining the basic requirement for a proper, fully civilized, society, which requirement is the principle of individual rights, and rights take no account of morality. In accordance with the right to life, all adults have the right to indulge in homosexuality or to create or use pornography, if they so choose, providing that in doing so they do not violate the rights of anyone else. Whether these activities are moral or immoral and whether their moral status applies to all people at all times can be determined only by the application of an objective code of ethics – the ethics of Objectivism – which is derived entirely from a factual consideration of man’s nature and the factual requirements for his life and happiness. Bear in mind here that while many values are applicable to all people (who choose to live) at all times (for example, food), many, because of their contextual nature, are not.

    For excellent accounts of the nature and source of individual rights and the nature of proper government, read the essays here:


    For an excellent account of Objectivist ethics, read the book ‘Loving Life’ by Craig Biddle.

  11. The result of the end game is the Soviet Union, a small group controlling what everyone else can do, this has always been the result of the lefts policies. The current and former crop of leftists are so arrogant that they think they can make socialism/communism work when no one else has.

    I like to call the left neo feudlists since they want to create a society where they hold the positions of the Nobles and Royals, a society where they have special rights and laws and the rest of us have to wonder from day to day what our rights are, where our food is going to come from and will we get medicine when we are sick.

  12. blindguard what people are against is being forced to change their idea of what is and isn’t moral, traditional morality is what works the best for the individuals of society as a whole. I remember back before the big assault on the moral structure of society, there was a lot less violence, a lot less hatred and a lot more compassion. Now after decades of attacks on traditional morality we are in the current mess.

    Also do some checking on what I am about to tell you, since you probably won’t believe it without checking.

    The Fascist/Nazi movements grew from a mixture of the German marching societies and Marxism. The German Marching societies were militant homosexual societies that were among other things advocating open social approval of man-boy affairs claiming they were good for the boys. The original Nazi Storm Troopers were the SA, the Brown Shirts which were almost totally homosexual, and there is a lot of evidence that all of the high ranking Nazi’s were either homosexual or AC/DC. The death camp guards were overwhelmingly homosexual and seized more young boys from the lines to use as sex toys then women and girls.

    This was the result of the last time society started accepting homosexual activity as normal, and the movement for homosexual marriage is now starting to push for the removal of the age of consent so that the chicken hawks can prey on the very young.

  13. @Richard

    I agree the entire NAZI hierarchy was homosexual, including Hitler, and all the SA and the SS, and the Stalinist politburo and Attila the Hun. What you fail to appreciate is that all these rampant homosexuals murderers, (because apparently all the victims were homosexual too), were being secretly controlled by a secret society of bisexuals, who meet at school and then manipulate the whole world from behind the scenes.

    I’ve just learnt that the Kriegsmarine’s emphasis on submarine warfare, was nothing to do with combat effectiveness, but was the direct result of the phallic nature of firing torpedoes at people, how spooky is that?

    For homosexuals, obviously substitute Jews, or Pixies, whatever takes your fancy.

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