Fascinating movie. Got some time? Settle in for this one.

I hope this isn’t one of those things people with TV have seen a million times and is brand new to me. Someone was kind enough to send me an email with a complex ‘get’ for this video, and I made it a bit more available. If you haven’t already seen it, settle back and watch. It is quite interesting indeed. Some browsers do not like my video plug-in from this site, so if you do not see the video below, or if it won’t play, click here to go directly to the video where it lives. Opinions on this, as always, welcome below.


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5 Replies to “Fascinating movie. Got some time? Settle in for this one.”

  1. I’m only half thru with the video as I pause to comment out of frustration. This program demonstrates how frequently the dots become apparent, yet every raised eyebrow permits these dots pass and/or accumulate. Since the 90’s – it’s apparent nothing has changed with regards to national security. Instead, our current administration expands the infiltration for betrayal at breakneck speed.

  2. No things haven’t changed, the left doesn’t want the west to start fighting for its survival, if we do that the left will not be able to take over the world. Ironically while the left has created this problem by working so hard to destroy our patriotism and culture their economic policies are the cause of the economic collapse that is adding fuel to the protests against immigrants and for the Europeans to start screaming about the foreigners who are stealing their culture and jobs.

    I am adding comments as I watch the movie, his statement that without political domination Islam can’t survive is very interesting and should be shown on all TV network daily.

    The US military hasn’t learned anything (more likely their political masters haven’t learned anything) they are so committed to multiculturalism they are still allowed radical Moslems into the military and ignoring all signs that they are helping the terrorists.

    The man was good, this story sounds like something in a spy novel, this story shows that our enemy isn’t dumb, and that the US counter intelligence agencies were not doing their job. In their defense I will say that their political masters were either focusing on Russia or (during the 1990’s) were not wanting any foreign threats. The Clintons wanted home grown “rightwing” threats only.

    Clinton caused the Blackhawk Down incident, he expended the mission in Somalia but refused to increase the number or personal or give them the armored vehicles they needed.

    I didn’t catch it the first time it was on the movie but note how he states there are no such thing as moderate Moslems, there are only practicing and non practicing Moslems.

    One thing the movie brings out is how during the 1990’s the terror attacks were treated as crimes and not acts of war, the jihadists were allowed to run free while the law enforcement agencies were trying to build cases, and the terror attacks were occurring with increasing violence and growing numbers of dead.

    When talking about the crevices between law enforcement and intelligence remember that Jamie Gorelick set up a Chinese wall between the two that by her own account went far beyond what the law required, they weren’t allowed to talk to each other. FYI, she was one of the Democrats appointed to investigate what went wrong and why US intelligence didn’t discover the 9/11 plot.

  3. What an eye opener. Great movie. Thanks for the post.
    What I got out of it is how easy it is for the terrorists to use our justice system to attain their goal. The FBI letting him go because of lack of evidence, never mind the facts that he was an Egyptian with a military background . . . and a Muslim speaking freely about his ideology! It boggles the mind.

  4. Real good doc. You should repeat this post every 30 days so as to catch more viewers.
    Sad to see that the West, in spite of having so many spy agencies and intelligence agents all over the world, are still very gullible and highly inefficient. I think the main reason is that the West thinks that muslims are not very dangerous and can be controlled because the West knows how to control them.
    Underestimation is the problem and will be the downfall of us all.

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