Protesters gather outside jail for the release of EDL leader

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Members of the EDL protest about the imprisonment on Tommy Robinson

Members of the EDL protest about the imprisonment on Tommy Robinson

Political activists gathered outside a prison in a show of support for their leader who is currently remanded in the jail.

Around 30 members of the English Defence League (EDL) were stood near to the entrance of Bedford Prison on Wednesday with pictures of Tommy Robinson, of Luton, claiming his human rights are being breached.

It follows bail conditions enforced by Blackburn Magistrates’ Court that require Mr Robinson not to partake in activities relating to the EDL.

Last weekend he was alleged to have broken these conditions at a demonstration of the EDL in Tower Hamlets.

He appeared before Luton Magistrates’ Court on Monday and was remanded in custody.

Kevin Carroll, also of Luton, who is key figurehead for the group, was among the demonstrators outside of the prison.

Speaking using a megaphone, he said: “One man has been jailed for an alleged offence he hasn’t committed and the alleged victim has sworn in a document that it wasn’t Tommy Robinson who hit him.

“This country is becoming more like China every year. Tommy has more bravery in his little finger than the powers that be in Westminster.” One EDL supporter, Dave Hedges, of Dunstable, said: “Why shouldn’t he be able to speak? Tommy Robinson is being persecuted and we are all here to show our support to a great bloke.” Barry Taylor, of Milton Keynes, added: “I’m not a member of the EDL but I am a democratic activist.

“I might not necessarily agree with Tommy Robinson but if he’s not been convicted of a crime then he should be able to have his say.” A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said the protest passed off without any incident.

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