EDL clash with locals in Edgware Road


First posted: Sunday, 11 September, 2011 – 18:34
Last updated: Sunday, 11 September, 2011 – 19:06
I have no idea

EDL clash with locals in Edgware Road

EDL members have descended onto one of London’s most famous streets and have had clashes with locals, this evening.

Around 50-100 EDL members are currently on Edgware Road, a part of London dominated by the Arab community.

Chairs and windows have been smashed and police are trying to separate the two groups. The Edgware Road area is completely gridlocked with traffic tailing back all the way to White City and the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush

A London Air Ambulance has arrived in nearby Hyde Park, which is at the top of Edgware Road at the Marble Arch crossing. Some people have said that someone has been seriously injured although this is unconfirmed.

Earlier, EDL members clashed with the group Muslims Against the Crusades outside the 9/11 memorial near the US Embassy. 4 arrests were made.

The EDL alleged on their Facebook page that a member had been stabbed (picture 2)

Picture of helicopter courtesy of @ibn_alkhaja

*This is a developing story*

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  1. Thanks Eeyore, when the Moslems feel free enough to follow their political enemies into a building and stab them things are getting close to the flash point. This wouldn’t have been done if the Moslems didn’t think they have political and police cover to keep them out of jail.

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