Donald Rumsfeld on our failure to name the enemy in the war on terror

Here is a clip of an interview from Mr. Rumsfeld from today when he was on the Fareed Zakaria show. The whole interview is very good but this clip caught my attention especially. He sounds nearly as clear as Stephen Harper here. As soon as it is ready, I’ll post the whole thing below.

Below, the whole interview

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6 Replies to “Donald Rumsfeld on our failure to name the enemy in the war on terror”

  1. If theres one thing that this shows is that people have VERY unrealistic expectations of how this is going to proceed. They seem to think that it’ll be a quick fix and we can move on. Seems to be endemic to the west now with life being so easy. Iraq is just one part of what will likely be a very long and drawn conflict with Islam. If everybody thinks that Iraq was a massive and unsustainable venture, then its questionable if we’ll have the strenth to muster 10x more effort to see this through.

  2. It’s sad, however, that Rumsfeld still used “radical islamism” to refer to what should be referred to as islam, period. He’s not the only one doing this, as we know. Barry Rubin writes great articles, but he still insists on using “islamism” and “revolutionary islamism” to refer to the cult of the black cube. I still hope he won’t eventually switch to al-qaedist-islamist-revolutionary-bin-ladenism to continue avoiding the use of that five-letter word.

  3. Most politicians and members of the news media refuse to face the facts about Islam, some of the politicians know the truth but if they try telling it they won’t be re-elected.

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