France 24 report on storming of Israeli Embassy in Cairo

This is an interesting report from France 24. I find the omission of reporting, or showing, the burning of the Israeli flag as well as the interview of the person who took it off of the building (and presumably burned it) where he says: “They must all die” (at around 22 seconds), presumably referring to Israelis, as interesting. Clearly the propaganda campaign against Israel and Jews for the past several decades in Muslim nations has paid dividends.

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  1. Seems to be a pattern here… every 20 to 40 years the Arabs (Lebanese and Egyptians mostly), after getting their asses kicked, rebuild their lives and also build up their hatred to the point where all rationality is forgotten, all instinct to protect their own safety and that of their families, homes and businesses becomes unimportant. Then they begin the cycle again. Like rabid dogs they rail at the gates in their bloodlust. Reminds me of Hezballah displays from a couple of years ago, whole crowds literally bouncing off walls and gates, mouths foaming in an ecstacy of mindless hatred.

    Poor Israel, having to put up with these barbarians in this way endlessly.

  2. In war there is no substitute for victory. General Mac Arthur.

    Israel has been prevented from achieving a clear victory in the wars with the Arabs, this is one reason they keep coming back, Islam itself is the other.

  3. I’m wondering if Egypt will block (shut) the Suez so that Israel will not be able to move any ships from Eliat. After all, according to Iran who has moved a warship (deployed a Sub) into the Red Sea …there’s Pirates in these here waters. Sheesh. What a chess move.
    And then there is the next Turkish Flotilla……. These “Arab Street” protesters have no life…bunch of losers.

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