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5 Replies to “Tommy Robinson interview Sept. 8 2011”

  1. In just the first minute of this video, the BBC reporter states the following with nary a hint of concern:

    This is Luton, though it could be Lahore or any other Muslim town or city.

    There’s a couple of halal butchers. I’m outside the Fresh and Fruity halal meat and poultry store.

    There’s a womens sari store, and another sari shoppe next to that, a mens sari shop. Over the road, Haji foods, the Medina Super Store and so on.

    @ 0:022 The women? Well, the women are mostly wearing full Islamic dress, many with their faces covered. NOTHING PARTICULARLY UNUSUAL ABOUT THIS IN BRITAIN TODAY.
    What what singles Luton out from other towns with big Asian populations is that it’s acquired a reputation is a breeding ground for Islamic extremism.

    This, it is often reported, is where the terrorists come from.

    Makes one want to rap a couple of stiff fingers against this reporters forehead and ask if anyone is at home? It’s difficult to grasp how far gone the BBC has gone THAT as to so casually dismiss the Islamic invasion of Britain as “nothing unusual”?

  2. In all fairness, I admit to not listening to the remainder of the interview after Humphries opening commentary. I simply couldn’t stomach such a casual dismissal of the impact of exploding muslim demographics upon British society.

    Then, after dinner, I happened to read a comment at JihadWatch which provided a link to Durotrigan’s blog for the same interview, along with further commentary indicating BBC reporter, John Humphreys

    “seemed to be on the dawn of realising the reality of Islamisation and the threat that it poses to England and the English.”

    Should this prove to be the case, it is a refreshing and welcome shift. More, please.

  3. During WWII that man would have been arrested as a traitor and investigated for connection to the enemy. As with the other posters I couldn’t stomach listening to the whole interview.

  4. Yes, and we don’t want these backward lunatics in this country, keep them out, and keep on confronting them face to face, person to person, stop immigration of these crackpots,
    they are not welcome, we do not want their backward crap here, and when I see a photo of our Prime Minister alongside one of these backward headbanging wearing hijab covered it makes me want to throw up. How outrageous and disgusting.
    We must stop this bending over backward tolerance toward these religious fanatics.

    Let them practice their stunt trucking religions in the backward cuntries where they have large groups like themselves to feel comfortable within.

    Never, ever, ever, accept and tolerate what they represent.
    Degredation of our young women, corruption of the minds of our young men, disruption of our values and mores and norms, and spitting in the face of the rule of law in our great land. Never, never, never accept what they demand we accept.
    Become people of courage during these times when resistance is still possible.

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