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4 Replies to “Did Tariq Ramadan dupe a naive Dalai Lama?”

  1. Coren nails all issues on the head; but, from all that was discussed, the one truth about such “inter-faith” gatherings which has to be repeated over and over, until people start to get it, is that the “tolerance” they aim to promote is ALWAYS tolerance of islam ONLY. As we all know, once islam’s adherents’ numbers are high enough for them to drop this load of taqqiya, they’ll tolerate conversion, dhimmitude or the slaughter of those not submitting to mahound and its (not his) imaginary alter-ego allah.

    Case in point, the Ground Zero mosque… While Feisal Rauf’s words about “tolerance-promoting” might sound great to any leftard or gullible ignoramus, we know that the “tolerance” that that scumbag wants to see is yet more American tolerance of islam; as if the wave of islamophilia and political correctness hitting America since 9/11/2001, plus America’s “muslims-first” foreign policy (see Daniel Greenfield’s articles on this particular topic), weren’t enough.

  2. Average Joe:

    My money is on the Dalai Lama. He is not the hippie king the left has painted him as. In fact, if they knew, the leftists and hippies that hold the Dalai Lama up as a correct model of religious leadership, his real views on homosexuality, premarital sex and so on, all of which are pretty much identical to the pope’s, they would drop him as an icon in a heartbeat.

    I think he is a lot less naive that people suppose. In fact, I have met him myself. He is an astute individual and I would hope he would know the history of Afghanistan and other formerly Buddhist nations that were destroyed and forcibly converted to Islam.

    We shall know soon though. I am hoping he will say what he has said before. (Paraphrasing) ‘There is no point in interfaith dialogue with religions who’s hearts are closed’ or words to that effect. And yes. He was speaking specifically about Islam, as it was in response to a question on Islam and suffering Muslims cause in it’s name.

  3. Leaders of major religions are much harder to dupe them the left thinks, they are sure he is being duped because that they think all religious people are stupid.

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