English Defence League coach attacked in east London

Sometimes, the truth will out. Often afer the damage of the lie has been done however.

From the BBC


Riot vans around bus
A number of police vans escorted replacement bus, a BBC reporter said

A coach full of English Defence League supporters was pelted with missiles after it broke down in east London.

The coach was carrying 44 EDL members when it stopped in Mile End Road, Tower Hamlets.

About 100 Asian teenagers then pelted it with bricks and stones, according to a BBC reporter at the scene.

Police arrested all 44 EDL supporters, who were travelling from a protest in Aldgate earlier on Saturday. A double decker bus was used to evacuate them.

Police said there had already been one altercation with local youths after the vehicle stopped in Whitechapel Road and some passengers got off the coach.

They got back on board and the coach pulled away – but it later suffered a failure and ground to a halt.

BBC reporter Paraic O’ Brien, who was on the scene, said nearly 100 local teenagers then attacked it with missiles.

He said the police were on the scene extremely quickly.

‘Extremely tense’

The reporter said within a short space of time there were a number of riot vans and 200 police officers in the vicinity.

O’Brien said: “It was extremely tense and if that number of officers had not arrived it could have gone the other way and become a major incident.”

The police moved the EDL supporters onto a double decker bus, and escorted it east.

Protesters and police The earlier demonstration was rowdy but major disorder was avoided

But a group of youths subsequently sat down in the middle of Mile End Road, blocking the bus and forcing it to stop.

At this point a large number of Asian men began arriving from a nearby estate.

The reporter said by then the situation had become very scary.

The police charged the youths and scuffles broke out.

Another group standing on a footbridge over the road threw bricks at the bus.

Police managed to clear the road and the bus left the area.

The EDL, which says it is protesting again Islamic extremism in the UK, had earlier held a protest in Aldgate after a planned march through east London was banned by the government.

Shafiur Rahman had organised stewards for a rival demonstration earlier in the day.

He said that allowing the bus through Tower Hamlets was a major security error that could have ended in disaster.

EDL supporter There was flag-waving and chanting at the EDL protest

Mr Rahman is a member of the Islamic Forum of Europe.

The Met has yet to respond to this comment.

Meanwhile the EDL’s second in command, Kevin Carroll, has told the BBC its founder Stephen Lennon will hand himself in to police.

Lennon, who was convicted in July of leading a street brawl with 100 football fans, breached bail conditions by taking part in the demonstration.

On Saturday an EDL regional organiser had claimed Lennon had already been arrested – but this proved to be untrue.

A total of 60 people – including the 44 involved in the bus incident – were arrested in connection with the EDL protest.

Offences included assault on a police officer, common assault, drunk and disorderly behaviour and affray.

Police estimated 1,000 EDL supporters and 1,500 counter-protesters had gathered.


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13 Replies to “English Defence League coach attacked in east London”

  1. Have I read this report correctly?

    It would seem that a gang of “youths” attack a bus and the police arrest the passengers?

    I remember reading something similar in one of Lewis Carroll’s books!

  2. This was obviously a planned ambush. The muslims picked the place just past the bridge to block the bus so that the muslims on the bridge could throw rocks down on it. Once the bus was held they called the other members of the pack with cell phones.

    They had gathered the bricks and rocks beforehand. How many loose bricks and stones do you see laying loose on the street in a city?

    This was a premeditated assault in responce to a legal demonstration. Yet the police arrested the intended victims who were legally and peacefully excercising their rights to assemble?

  3. The far left has been totalitarianism in the west, looks like they were right, of course since they are the ones in power it is easy for them to make their predictions come true.

  4. At Bain’s video link, it appears the incident these morons speak of is visible for a very brief two seconds. Fast forward to the 22 sec mark. Bains video link shows that as the bus moves – what appears to be a female with long ginger/brown hair, wearing jeans and a light top is lying on her side, attempting to stand, her body bending an orange safety cone on the road.

    Then a clean shaven man with short dark hair, wearing what appears to be a short sleeved dark blue uniform top bearing a patch on his right sleeve, something on both breast pockets, and donning khaki pants — rushes up from behind her and ‘appears’ to give her a hard kick to her backside. Caveat: I say ‘appears to kick her’ because the camera is not steady and at what appears to be the point impact (24 sec mark) of that man’s foot, the camera only focuses on him from the waist up. It would be interesting to see if other videos surface with a better angle of this incident.
    Those two giggling AF morons who spoke of this incident on the posted video were very helpful in bringing this incident to our attention – much to their utter humiliation.
    Thank you Bains.

  5. WTD:

    Thank you very much for that heads up. I found that couple of seconds and managed to slow it down for a slightly better look. I will upload in a few minutes and post here.

  6. I cannot take credit for the heads up . . .that was Bains’ effort that brought this to our attention. Again, thank you Bains! We’re extremely fortunate that you have the skills to focus into and slow down the video for more accurate examination of the incident — and potentially identify and prosecute the heinous bastards that attacked that unfortunate soul. Thank you all!

  7. My girlfriend is facebook friends with the young angel who got attacked. After being arrested on some bullshit public disorder charge she posted to fb yesterday afternoon that she had just been released from custody and was making her way to the hospital. She later posted that the doctors found that she had a fractured jaw FFS! Those two uaf who think its funny to beat woman are now the subject of a fb group,now aa secret group, to hunt the over privaliged little shits down, we all read have the name of the Ben character, his shitty little pal wont be hidden for much longer. I and MANY other patriots are absolutely fuming at these low down scum. NO FUCKING SURRENDER EVER!

  8. In my earlier post I meant to say predicting totalitarianism.

    Things are starting to work out the way history says they would, the ordinary people who are under threat are starting to protect themselves when the government refuses to.

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