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4 Replies to “Michael Coren interviews climatologist Dr, Tim Ball”

  1. Incredible intelligent free thinking at its best. I have no doubt that they could debate Al Gore and David Suzuki and defeat them easily. Of course the Gore and Suzuki of that idiology are too scared to face such a debate. That should be a red flag for all the leftists who believe their crap.

  2. As the politicians stated, “the debate is over”. We, i.e., people who thought that AGW was a scam, took that statement to mean that the scientific debate was over. The anti-AGW side was up in arms that such a debate could ever be closed.
    No such thing. What the politicos were saying was that they had got the answer they wanted from their payed climatologists. Now they could apply the taxes using scientific “facts”, and the debate was over as far as the tax issue was concerned.

  3. Interesting interview. I am not sure what is going on with climate change but I do not think I will bet my planet on the word of a retired Geography professor. He would have to give me a lot more science than just him talking. We call all talk.
    Don’t forget Lord Monckton was on the old Michael Coren show and said that JFK appointed his friend to head the EPA and they banned DDT. The EPA was formed in 1970 and the ban done in 1972 so JKF did it after he was dead. However, Michael bought it. Will he buy anything that goes against people he does not like? Or does he just not bother checking anything and drinks the cool aid.

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