Reasons for the demo here.

NOTE: The TT will be updating this post throughout the day of the demonstration

UPDATE: It begins.

12.45: A hundred or so of EDL gather at Kings Crossing

13:00 Police line the streets

13:11 From the opposition: Ok, there seems to 2-300 inside and outside the Big Chill House and the Flying Scotsman and another 100 or so in and around Kings Cross station. Some of them are drinking inside St Pancras station. There’s another 100-150 in the Liverpool Street area. Reports are coming in there are groups still coming into London. They are due to set off on buses from the Kings Cross area at 2pm.

13.21 Scuffles being mentioned

13:22 Fluffi reports: sms just in: Edl now at kings cross waiting for train to TH and singing edl songs

13:24 The Socialist Worker writes[1.20pm. Ken Livingstone, the Labour candidate for London mayor, sent a statement to the counter-protest. It reads: [….] “This is the right response to the EDL. It is a fitting riposte to those who peddle hatred, violence and fear.”]

Red Ken Livingston with Sheik al-Qaradawi, who said gays should be thrown off of cliffs and Jews could be murdered.

13.33 Scottish Defense League

13.39 @evilnoodle Jenni Block SAYS: Astounded by the sheer number of #edl in London today. Hopefully there are many, many more marching against them.

13:51 Kings Cross station now closed. Met BT & City of London Police have locked down the area #EDL

14:02 FM:HOPE not hate
Update from Tower Hamlets: The police began escorting the EDL towards Kings Cross station only to find the RMT have closed the tube station. There’s 300+ EDL outside the station and no-one has a clue what is happening.

[Fluffi]:from facebook. LOL. so the unions are getting in the way of the police

14:05 shanecroucher Heavy police presence on Mansell St. Putting riot gear on. yfrog.com/nwb4uaj

14.10 Vinny James in Hamilton Hall Liverpool St reports of Hundreds of police in body armour & helicopter overhead #EDL

14.14 EDL at Kings Cross singing God save our Queen

14.19. From Hope Not Hate:Update from Tower Hamlets:The EDL are moving off from Liverpool Street in groups of ten. It’s going to take quite some time to get them all to Aldgate.

14.24 HOPE not hate
Update from Tower Hamlets: It seems that Kings Cross station is now open and a group of 500+ EDL are coming on the tube. We’ve heard that they will come into Liverpool Street, where they will link up with 3-400 already there.
Police are talking of 1,000+ EDL

14:25 okay, so Kings Cross is open again.

14:30 “edl now being allowed into kx station to make their way to aldgate for static demo.”

http://twitpic.com/6feg3j Loads of police vans going into the direction of cable street. Got the feeling #edl is going there. Or just Precaution

14.43 The Socialist Worker: A speaker from the Islamic Forum of Europe said, “This time last year we stopped the EDL from coming here. This time we are going to do it again because I see Muslims, Christians, Jews, gays and lesbians all here today.”

14:44 TT: What a load of nonsense, this moron is in lockstep with Qaradawi about gays. How stupid do you think people are?

RT @hackneyhaz Overheard in Brick Lane, copper: “The #EDL have done what they were told, it’s you lot that haven…http://bit.ly/nB7fbI

14:50 SW: Several hundred anti-racist protesters have marched from their rally to Osborn St, at the bottom of Brick Lane—in defiance of Tory home secretary Theresa May’s ban on marches. They have stopped close to where the EDL are hoping to rally. Demonstrators are chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “Black and white, unite and fight”.

14.51: TT: So they break the law and are not law breakers,..right?

14.55 Tattz reports:HJMcQuarrie HJ McQuarrie @anne_schulthess i went fascist hunting. The #uaf rally is miles from the edl! Edl is police escorted and protected. Shame! Are you staying?
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14.58 12 UAF wait for EDL

15.00 UAF and ilk with their smears

15:02 Both sides square off with police between

15:05 marybowers marybowers
Police refusing public entry onto bishopsgate now #EDL

15.06 T ATTZ:. Can they try any harder to incite violence????

15.09 YFROG:   Police following behind protesters in Liverpool street #EDL

15.12 Shane Croucher @shanecroucher Shane Croucher: Pol conf to me that #edl being taken to Whitechapel Rd cordon, but w’re being pushed down Mansell St. Inkling they’ll be taken behind RBS.

15.14 Socialist Worker: Anti-racists are holding the full width of Whitechapel Road to prevent the EDL from getting into Tower Hamlets. Marchers are stopped outside Altab Ali Park, where in 1978, 25 year old Altab Ali was murdered by racists.

15:18 Tommy Robinson breaks bail conditions & shows up at #edl demo dresses as a rabbi! yfrog.com/075tbpz

15:20 Fluffi SMS just in: Police tried to arrest Tommy

15.24 Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has been arrested posted by: Nick Lowles |He was goading the police that he was breaking his bail conditions and invited them to arrest him. It seems they did just that.

15.31 Kev Carroll currently speaking about ineffectual politicians who have sold out to islamists,He’s calling them judas to their people. If govt can’t police islamists and ensure freedom of speech they should use the army

15:33 Police charge #edl demo & arrests Tommy Robinson for breaking bail. Stand off now. Getting v rowdy

15:34 Fluffi: Kev ask for govt to make military covenant law and pays tribute to our troops also emphasises peaceful protest He also pays tribute to Israel,He asks for people to go home peacefully from demo

15:39 CO11MetPolice Metropolitan Police
The atmosphere is currently calm and peaceful. The policing plan is proceeding as anticipated #edl #uafeastend #towerhamlets

16:02 Police say English Defence League east London demo is ‘calm’

UPDATE: TT source says the EDL managed to get Tommy Robinson free



  1. yup, lets just keep on allowing our federal and provincial governments to bring in more and more islamics and soon we will be in the same place, anyone who protests against islamic life will be battered down by a leftard police state

  2. Keep protesting and make the most of it. When these plebs let enough muslims in and sharia is implemented, you will be allowed to demonstrate no more. Yes, that means you as well unwashed uaf retards. Are you so short sighted that you cannot see what lies ahead? Go and get fitted for your burkhas you burks. Well done EDL.

  3. 14.58 12 UAF wait for EDL,

    The orange vests mean organizers right? They are all muslims. There isn’t a single non muslim in an orange vest in this picture. There might be hard left westerners in UAF mobs but the only organizers I see here are Muslim. Not only that but 7 out of 8 of them have easily visible muslim fanatic beards.

    These are definatly fanatics. I live in a metropolitan city and have interacted with countless arabs and muslims. NONE of them under 50 wear such beards.

    And there is something familiar about the guy in the middle of them. He’s to the right of fatso and wearing a black skullcap.

    This is evidence that the UAF is a front for radical islamists and not sympathetic progressives as they are trying to appear. The members may be leftists but the organizers here are radical muslims.

    This is like the vids I saw of the BDS assault on Max Bremmer. The mob was mostly westerners but the people with the megaphones were all arabs.

    Why hasn’t anyone pointed this out? There have been exposes on the EDL. There needs to be an examination of the membership and leadership of the UAF and their connections to other groups.

    I stongly suspect if we can find a closer picture of the guy in the middle of this group we might be able to find him in photos or vids of Muslims Against Crusaids. That might indicate that the UAF is really working for Choudhary.

  4. Did a google image search for muslims against crusades and found this. He looks a lot like the guy in the blue shirt. Same nose, same brow, same profile, same physique. Feel free to delete this post if you think I am barking up the wrong tree.

    The image is in the top right corner.


  5. Any group that claims to be against Fascism will resort to Fascist tactics, they think we are so stupid that we will believe their words and not their actions.

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