Turkish Teflon

An article written by ‘J-Practical’ for Vladtepes blog

According to Reuters, Turkey’s armed forces said on Monday that some 145-160 Kurdish guerrillas were killed in Turkish air and artillery strikes in northern Iraq this month. (http://uk.reuters.com/article/2011/08/29/uk-turkey-iraq-idUKTRE77S31620110829)


So why is Turkey bombing Kurds in Northern Iraq? After all, like the Turks, most Kurds are Sunni Muslims, fellow members of the Religion of Peace, and they’re neighbours of Turkey, living in a semi-autonomous region under limited self rule – so you’d think Turkey would make an effort to live in peace with them.


Actually, the peace is being broken by the Kurdish PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), a terrorist organization recognized by Turkey, the United States and the European Union. Recently PKK assaults in Turkey have killed more than 40 Turkish security force personnel.


Turkey is simply defending itself from terrorists, which is why the Turkish airforce sent warplanes to bomb Kurdish towns which the Turkish intelligence say contain PKK bases and arms depots. As it happens regularly in such bombings, seven civilians were killed a week ago, though the Turkish General Staff said more than 100 PKK militants were also wounded.


Now, let’s see if this makes sense to you, because I’m scratching my head:


1. Kurdistan – semi-autonomous region containing PKK terrorists. Gaza – semi-autonomous region, wholly controlled by Hamas terrorists. The actions of the PKK are internationally denounced, the actions of Hamas are internationally ignored or celebrated.


2. PKK kills Turkish security force personnel, which justifies two months worth of Turkish military campaigns that bomb PKK bases in Kurdish towns (occasionally killing innocent civilians), in order to defend Turkish citizens from terrorism.


3. Hamas targets and kills Israeli civilians, but that doesn’t justify any Israeli response intended to defend Israeli citizens from terrorism.


4. When Israel bombs Hamas bases, or enters Palestinian towns, a media feeding frenzy draws in crowds of journalists, who film and report the action. Turkey bombs Kurdistan, and the media pretend it’s a non-event.


5. If Israel inadvertently kills a Palestinian civilian, the media are all over it: We see pictures, interviews with relatives, the outraged headlines (especially from CBC) proclaim the deaths first, report the facts later. Turkey, on the other hand, apparently enjoys a special relationship with the media. CBC, for example, hasn’t bothered reporting any of thissince June 18th. At that time, they told us that “The conflict has killed as many as 40,000 people”, but it wasn’t worth any in-depth reports, nor significant enough to merit a journalistic follow-up.


6. The UN has done next to nothing about it. There have been no impassioned speeches in the UN General Assembly, and the UN Human Rights Council are much too busy to address the Kurds – after all the plight of the Kurds, like the horrors in Darfur, Congo, or Nigeria, doesn’t deserve the same grave words and permanent agenda item as the plight of the Palestinians.


Can somebody explain the logic that dictates that perceived Israeli injustices can be obsessively scratched at with the energy of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, while these concurrent Turkish injustices (happening in the same general region of the world), are ignored, unreported, and apparently excused?


Can someone explain how the Turkish government can kill 40,000 Kurds, without even a single UN Special Commission looking into it? And then turn around and call Israel “brutal” because nine Turkish extremists died aboard the Mavi Marmara, while attacking Israeli soldiers?


But mostly, I’d like to understand how they get away with it, and why the CBC and other ‘responsible media’ have chosen to be complicit in the Turkish Teflon.


Who are the real turkeys here? It sure isn’t the Turks.

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4 Replies to “Turkish Teflon”

  1. The points discussed in the article are indeed more evidence of how these organizations allegedly representing the interests of the so-called “International Community” (the OIC and its sandal-licking lackeys would be a more accurate way of describing it) are rotten to the core and have no real interest in anything except the destruction of Western Civilization through islamization, whose promoters place the delegitimization and eventual destruction of Israel at the top of their list of priorities.

    One main difference between the PKK’s and Ham-ass’s goals, however, is that the former actually supports no form of gender discrimination and is actually for a greater role for women in society (its terrorist tactics notwithstanding); while Ham-ass, as we know, has a whole lot of Mein-Qurampf-compliant ideas when it comes to women’s rights.

  2. “One main difference between the PKK’s and Ham-ass’s goals, however, is that the former actually supports no form of gender discrimination and is actually for a greater role for women in society (its terrorist tactics notwithstanding) ”
    This is indeed true. They have teaching manuals to teach gender equality. They discuss the whole thing in amazing detail. The Kurds are truly great. I wish them every best wish in defeating the Turkish imperialists.

  3. I am not sure I remember that section of history correctly but I believe the Medes use to have a lot of freedom for their women, since the Kurds are the descendents of the Medes they may be returning to their base culture.

    Which by the way gave their neighbors a lot of trouble through a long section of history.

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