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3 Replies to “Fifth anual Bill Mahar Burka beauty contest”

  1. It’s not a joke! The fashion industries are actually working on fashionize the Muslim wrap-ups. They will come in multiple colors even in denim and see-throuth vinyl for which the Muslim-Dior will be pioneering. Look at the following possibilities:

    Niqab Shayla
    Ha, These will soon be the universal uniforms for women in the Western world.

  2. The question is not whether the women wear such things voluntarily, the question is, “how can we women permit girls in the western world to grow up believing such hateful things about their own body.”
    Some young girls state that the “feel safer!” in such clothing because “they will not be taken for a sex object” and therefore “there is less chance they will be raped”. While others say that women’s bodies are sinful and should be covered so as not to tempt men. This is a sick attitude to one’s own body.
    We must ban all such clothing in schools, encourage young girls to do sport and self-defence training, and to be proud of their bodies – not ashamed of them.

  3. Hey, that’s a good idea PhilipZhao, I can count many Western women who NEED to wear this outfit. It covers many flaws of Western women, and i think Hillary Clinton would look good inside it, as it would cover up the regular bad hair day and the constant wardrobe errors.

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