Islamic scholar: Every Muslim has right to kill Zionists

From YNET News

Islamic scholar Dr. Salah Sultan issued a religious decree according to which it is permissible to kill “any Israeli on Egyptian land, in response to the killing of Egyptian soldiers near the border with Israel,” Egyptian Al-Shuruq newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Sultan is a lecturer of Muslim jurisprudence at the Cairo University. In the decree, he ruled that “every Muslim who meets a Zionist is entitled to kill him, after Israel killed ‘Camp David’. The Egyptian people do not distinguish between Egyptian and Palestinian blood,” he ruled. (Roee Nahmias)

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  1. Update from MyPetJawa: Former Imam in Ohio :

    “Updated and Bumped by Rusty: Hmmm, the name Saleh Sultan rings a bell. Now where have I heard that one before? Oh, yeah, he used to be the “resident scholar” at a mosque near Columbus, Ohio. The Noor Islamic Center would be the same mosque that Rifqa Bary’s family attended. . .see link for pic. . .

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