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2 Replies to “Australian Muslims on recruiting drive to use democracy for take over”

  1. The reason they didn’t check off the box in the earlyer censuses is because they didn’t want the host population to know how the numbers were growing untill it was too late.

    That is to say if they had all ticked off the right box then the government would have known how many there were in the country and might have adjusted their immigration policy to let in people from other countries.

    This shows (though the muslim population may not have known) the muslim leadership in australia did view immigration to the country as an invasion. They intentionally facilitated it by trying to make thier people hide the fact that they were there as far as the census was confirmed.

    This also is an intentional way to create problems with the host government. Because the host govenrment didnt know how many there were in the society they could not have made adjustments to accomodate the muslim people. In responce the muslim people would feel the government was not listening to them so would feel disenfranchised and then want to become politically active all the more.

    The leaders- holy shit is this an earthquake?

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