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3 Replies to “More on the senseless random murder of three young men in Birmingham”

  1. The police got it right! ….By design or accident ,who knows?. Took the heat of the original target.

    The unpleasantness started off as intimidation and violent and savage racist attacks on honky. But things got confused ,by,tempting modern day trinkets and beads on display .Too tempting to pass by. This has happened throughout history and has always been a problem for ‘War lords’, when it came to controlling his savages.
    In the past they would have broken into the liqueur stores and got pissed, and if they did’nt get the droop, indulge in a bit of rape.


  2. I maybe out on limb here but is not a bit of racial tension a good thing? It makes the lie of multiculturalism stark. Racial tension may make make the biggest global gang, the muzzies, think twice. There are other gangs full of whites and blacks who can come after you and cause you some problems in the place where your sharia and jihad fantasies meet: in your heart. As a distant observer in a safe house in a safe neighborhood this may be a luxury but hey it is real. This is how I am thinking. This blog is about Islam and the manipulations of the left which uses Islam to do its dirty work in creating disorder. Now the white and black gangs are out and about. The world is much more interesting. Imperialistic Islam’s Jihad is too be denied by a bunch of white and black youth. Where is the hero of the Jihad in Britain? Anjem Choudary. Cowering somewhere. Not a peep from Not So Brave Andy.

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