This is really sad. A man lost his son to a hit and run in the British riots.

I am a bit behind on this post for a few reasons, not the least of which is the host company has been having a few small problems and I have not been able to successfully upload anything at all today.  This is tragic. I cannot imagine the grief of this man who lost his son for the most horrific of non-reasons. Someone deliberately drove their car into a crowd and killed 3 men.

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  1. How will the killings of muslims effect the psychology of the muslims as they are in this case not the aggressor and are in fact the victims. We know they love the victim card and will of course play this out in the usual Islam is peace mantra way. But on a broader note I wonder if it does affect them and make them realise that the world is more complex than their leftie friends in the media and government and the Mullahs are making out. What if their plans are stopped by hooded youths on their door step. But of course this will all die down and the Muslims will retake their central role as guided by their leftie pals and mullahs. For the Brown Muzzies this has certainly been a case of destiny denied by black and white rioters of the past few days. Even the Syrians. Palestinians and all the other usual darlings have not had a look in during the last few days.

    Call me heartless I just find it hard to sympathise.

    This clip does not have the bit at the end where this gentleman does give a speech about Islam and mentions Allah a few times.

  2. I did not see and hear a Muslim man in this clip being the aggressor and simultaneously playing the victim card. What I saw was a bereaved man, expressing his grief for his killed son.

    And so what if he mentions Allah a few times in a longer clip?

    We don’t fight islamism by being inhuman to all pleigts of Muslims. It all too easy to become the monster we want to defeat.

  3. Just got back from 4 weeks in Switzerland, France, Italy etc

    For the most incisive analysis on the situation in the UK

    Many articles on the riots and predictions going way back for this insurrection. Mopre to come as the ruling parasite class still dont get it- and wont, as they are the problem.

  4. JohannaV you are right of course. I am trying to look at the wider implications and also at myself. I still feel like I can not empathize. So that is the honest truth about how I feel. Perhaps all this conterjihad thinking has taken some of my compassion away. The psychological toll of the counterjihad.

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