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9 Replies to “Police Overrun in Woolwich -London Riots 8/8/11”

  1. I’m old enough to remember the times when they shot honest citizens demonstrating for more social justice and better working conditions. Why don’t they just shoot this vermin to smithereens.

  2. The UK government seems to have little problem restoring ‘law and order’ using Dogs, mass arrests, rubber bullets, water cannons, armored vehicles, riot police w/batons, and any means necessary to restore ‘order in Northern Ireland. However the PC, no balls UK government is so s##t scared of being labeled as racist that they are hesitating to do anything to stop this destructive orgy of anarchy. When civil order is broken down everyone suffers including the poor and minority groups that the liberal politicians are supposed to be lifting up, don’t worry just before elections there will be a parade of hopefuls waltzing through the’ rough’ neighborhoods seeking votes and making more promises that they cannot keep.

  3. Clearly then, the next time they want to have a successful riot in Northern Ireland they have to get the black folks to do it.

  4. Eeyore, this sickening PC handling of this criminal mass orgy of looting and burning brings to mind the saying , at one time” Britannia rules the waves” now it seems that “Britannia waves the rules”.

  5. The media people are asking what is the cause of the wave of repugnant violence and looting currently sweeping England’s towns and cities, who is responsible, and what is the solution. Well, here is my response in a nutshell: the responsibility lies wholly with the thugs and louts perpetrating the violence and looting; the root cause is the insidious mass indoctrination with the philosophy of cultural Marxism (incorporating the self-sacrificial ideas of cultural and moral relativism and political correctness) by the leftist political and academic establishments and mainstream media; and the only effective long-term solution is mass re-education with a rational philosophy, a philosophy that embodies a rational morality based on a rational code of values – and that philosophy is Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand:


  6. We hold that reason—the faculty that operates by way of observation and logic—is man’s means of knowledge. Man gains knowledge by perceiving reality with his five senses, forming concepts and principles on the basis of what he perceives, checking his ideas for consistency with reality, and correcting any contradictions he discovers in his thinking. This is how we thugs discover goods in our various areas of robbery. Play stations, Xboxes, Sneakers, Laptops. Me and my homeboys love this philosophy.

  7. The riots throughout England could have been predicted after the first day. The television showed rioting and looting, with the police just watching. The police looked scared. So a million young people got the message that all they needed to do was to collect in gangs, and the police would not dare stop them stealing everything they wanted. So they did just that: came out in gangs and looted. Actually I found your blog by accident, while searching for something else on Google. All the same, I stayed to read more because I found your posts interesting, and (most of all) well written. Perhaps I should introduce myself and explain that last remark! My name is Goodwin A I Manson, and I am a retired schoolteacher. So I am rather fussy about proper spelling and grammar. When I was marking school homework, I always looked for innovative thoughts, credible information, and clear accurate facts. If you had been one of my students, I would have been pleased with your efforts! You obviously enjoy writing, and I hope that you will appreciate a quick comment saying that I liked your blog. Keep up the good work. Wishing you all the best, Kindest regards, Goodwin A I Manson.

  8. Welcome to the Blog. The best blog on Islam and the Leftie enablers. It is good to have you on board and I hope to read some more of your comments when I have finished my underwater mission. It seems from the remains of the shops in Blacklantis this underwater civilisation also had a riot problem. The place is littered with baseball bats and police shields etc. Could the mighty civilisation of Blacklantis have disappeared under a sustained looting spree? The evidence seems to point in that direction. I will be able to make a point by a point comparison and a detailed analysis of the data when I come up to see the results of the rioting on the earth’s surface for myself in a day or two.

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