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5 Replies to “Russia TV and BBC on the London riots”

  1. I haven’t been able to see all of the videos but it appears that the various criminal gangs are taking advantage of the riots to loot and burn, as the government continues to protect the favored minorities we will see more of this in more nations.

  2. Having finally gotten a good enough connection to watch all of the videos several things struck me but the most important was the way the rioting seems to be spreading all over Britain very quickly. Another is that some, maybe most of the rioters outside of London seem to be white or possibly Arabic.

    Given the right contacts it wouldn’t be hard to turn the criminal elements loose on the on a version of crystal night, although I doubt if all of the violence is aimed against Jewish owned or operated property. The violence once started will be hard to stop and this may be a variation on the theory of internal terror, according to the original idea the terrorists create so much trouble in the towns the government turns oppressive to stop them and once this happens the terrorists retreat to the country to become a legitimate guerrilla resistance. The fact that this strategy has never worked doesn’t stop arrogant people from trying to make it work.

    I have never heard of this being tried anyplace but the third world but it could be happening here.

  3. in the Russia Today clip around 3:09 the reporter missrepresents the protest that started this as a “peacefull protest”. The rioters intentionally worked very hard to incite the police by repeatedly charging at them and throwing rocks.

    In the bottom clip you can see this intentional guaging of aggression. You can hear the rioters standing and hurling insults at the police. Then they throw missiles at them,
    then charge them AS AN ORGANIZED GROUP, then run away.

    The claims from self appointed spokespeople that they are now angry at how police over reacting (the opposite of which is embarrasingly obvious in all the videos) is BS because the the people who have organized these riots are intentionally inciting it.

    These spokespeople seem to all ignore that, if you don’t want the police to hit you on the head with billy clubs, it can be best avoided by not intentionally goading them into doing to by throwing rocks at them and burning down buildings.

    The fact that there is video of them inciting a violent raction from police in a manner that was far more calcualted and organized than if it was just unrully kids, and that they are engaging in organized charges shows there is an element to this that is being planned and led. But by whome?

  4. From the way they have spread it is easy to see a common command at work, they appear to be concentrating on the cities where the police have been shifted to London, as the British government continues to shift police from one city to another the rioters command will sift their assault to a several different cities.

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