Is this for real?

It appears that gangs of black people are going around in the US and looking for white people to mug, beat, nearly kill and generally assault and for no reason other than that they, the victims, are white.

Many believe that, for some reason, this is not racist. But of course we can guess what would happen if, say, a few university students were to hang a black person in effigy on a tree on a university campus. Not actually target a black person for violence mind you, just do some mischief in a way that could be interpreted as anti-black racism, even though the person being hung, again purely symbolically, was a well known political leader, and infinitely more and worse things had been done to the previous white US leader and no FBI investigations took place as a result.

So whether we think that racism can only be done by white people towards other ethnic groups or not, it appears that this is the defacto application of the term as far as law enforcement goes. This, dear friends, is a recipe for civil war. That real racism becomes systemic, as a ‘cure’ for abstracted racism in the public mind, real or imagined.

My question is, where is the line between isolated incidents and a conspiracy or policy?

There is lots more on Blazing Cat fur.

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  1. It can not be muzzies as they were not yelling Allah Akbar which is their war chant. It is definitely Black teens gone wild. It is sad day when this sort of thing happens. My worry is what will the aftermath of such violence be. Will it be what the lefties are wanting. Will they blame white people, the victims, as they usually do. Also Blacks have been replaced by the left by Mexicans and Muslims as their favourite darling groups. So will they rally to cover up for them or will they let them speak for themselves and remain quiet. Maybe some lefties were hurt in the mayhem which targeted anyone white. Though these things are sad the aftermath from the media shows where the real power lies. We saw that with the Brevic idiot now these idiots. We will wait and see. My sympathies with the poor victims 100%.

  2. It’s for real, our Attorney General Holder has ordered that no civil rights investigations are to be started if the victim is white. He has also released Black Panther criminals back on the street despite open and shut evidence that would have sent them to prison.

  3. “It appears that gangs of black people are going around in the US and looking for white people to mug, beat, nearly kill and generally assault and for no reason other than that they, the victims, are white.”

    Well, not only in the US.

    Just a couple of questions:

    When are we (that is, Whites) going to fight back?

    What will the results be when and if that happens?

    Do not rest assured. The tide will turn. Let’s sing “We shall overcome”. I feel an increasing itch for some real good old nigger bashing…

  4. Let’s not make Charles Manson into a prophet please. If the police act fairly and treat these people in exactly the same fashion they would a white gang out to attack black people just out at a fair having a good family time, then this thing ends now. The problem is they aren’t and they won’t and this will easily predictably cause real racial violence and hatred when the real villain in this and many other modern plagues, is leftism and political correctness.

  5. You got that right, the police aren’t going after them as hard as they would a white gang, and in many cases the media refuses to report on the color of the gangs. No we don’t want a race war and hopefully we will avoid one.

  6. @Rudolf

    wow it doesn’t take much for your racism to come out, does it?

    This is really terrible. The media is not on the people’s side (definitely not on truth’s side) and the government either. It really is turning into a dog eat dog world. And people like Rudolf are only going to make things worse.

    The people need answers already. Its getting out of hand. So much violence in the world.

  7. Charles Manson predicted a major race war in the USA. He called it, ‘Helter Skelter’ and claimed the Beatles knew all about it. It was his reason for the Sharon Tate murders and others.

  8. Yes. “not much” as in you don’t need much information to start hating. You don’t need much understanding to start name calling. You just don’t need much for your racism to come out in all its glory.

  9. miriam (August 10, 2011 at 11:38 am):

    “Yes. “not much” as in you don’t need much information to start hating.”

    Yes, not much additional information. Step by step; brick by brick.

    “You don’t need much understanding to start name calling.”

    Which “name calling”?

    “You just don’t need much for your racism to come out in all its glory.”

    You’re right about that. So, what (if anything) are you going to (try to) do about it?

  10. which name calling?! Hmmm maybe the “n” word?

    What am I going to do about it? That is a challenge. My challenge is to keep level headed and not run the opposite direction you are pushing me (as in Black people) towards. You declaring enemy towards ALL Black people can send a black person to find strength against you. Strength in numbers. It can cause people to join these black mobs even if they don’t agree with the ideology, but because they know they can be “safe” there rather than with you!

    Also, its a mental challenge. Just as you saw a mob of crazy black folks doing evil things and declared war on ALL Blacks. I have to see you as an individual and not think ALL whites are like you.

    So what am I going to do about it? I am going to stay on the right path-hopefully the path towards justice– and resist your pushing and your pulling. That is a victory!!

  11. @miriam, thank you, thank you! I’m late to this post and comment thread, and was very disgusted myself by the racist hate… I am with you miriam!

  12. By the way, I typically do not delete comments. There is a reason. If I am to try and run a site that exposes facts, events and aspects of culture that traditional media will not allow, and if I am to do it for the reasons that I list in ‘Agendas and views of this site’ then I may as well leave in comments which are horrifying perhaps but prove the point.

    I do delete some comments if they are clearly illegal or may expose someone specifically to harm who wishes to remain anonymous, incite violence etc. But the facts are, the harder a government tries to fabricate a reality to create an outcome, where the falsity of that reality is clear to the eye of nearly everyone the more likely you are to create real hate and real contempt and bring out all the things that government and the media claims to want to prevent by spinning reality in the first place.

    If you want people to hate black people for being black, then make them a protected class, immune from the consequences of their actions while doubling the accountability for every deed and even thought and word from the rest of us. That policy will have predictable results. The sooner we see them, the sooner we might make new decisions.

  13. Thank you Eeyore since the 60s I have been saying that the racial preferences in hiring only create more racists, but the left refuses to admit this fact so they can play identity politics. The riots in Britain are part of the easily foreseen results.

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