The big media manages to re victimize the victims in Norway.

The grotesque hypocrisy of so much of the largest mass media in the Western world, from the CBC to the NYT, frantically and nearly joyously waxing triumphant that the psychopath who murdered all those children and uninvolved in Norway was not, as it usually is, a Muslim doing slaughter in the name of Islam and it’s god, that they have managed to do only what Anders, the monster of Oslo himself has managed to do.

Victimize all those people and their families again.

By not dealing with this tragedy first and waiting for the facts to come in, by missing the chance to offer some kind of comfort to the hundreds to perhaps thousands of people who are profoundly effected, friends and extended families, by this tragedy, by instead using this story to try and justify their policies of not informing the public of the actual people and motives behind the more typical attacks that take place at least daily somewhere in the world, they have victimized so many Norwegians again.

A negligent and vicious act indeed.

This site has already posted quite a few videos and articles pointing out the hypocrisy of the MSM on this issue and all related ones, perhaps the best to date is Ezra’s expose on the CBC’s glaring double standard when it comes to reporting on terrorism. I suppose as long as the big media is going to change its rules when it sees fit, we, the blogosphere will have to continue to point out that they did. All the while, Norwegians have yet to even bury many of the dead.

I’ll save my rebuttals of so many MSM pieces I see out there for tomorrow.

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