A day in the life of a Coptic Christian in Egypt

After the three witnesses gave testimony at the Congressional hearings on persecution of Christians in Egypt by Muslims, there was a question and answer session.

Here is one question and answer which struck me as especially heartbreaking.

“What is life like on a day to day basis for a Coptic Christian now like in Egypt?”
The idea that the speakers from minarets in Egyptian mosques actually blare hate speech against Christians. If it happens there, how long till it’s here?

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  1. There is not a beep from the MSM anywhere about these atrocities, which amount to crimes against humanity and are also a shame on the face of humanity.

    Contrast this to the media attention given to the US Pastor Terry Jones stunt to burn his copy of a Koran. Oh how the poor mullahs and their gangs roared out crying, beside themselves, tearing their beards out and threatening all sorts. They would have to burn a US flag or worse to relieve themselves. Jones was a lunatic, a bigoted racist, an islamaphobe, divisive, dangerous and delusional and so on. Jones was even compared to Jim Jones and his followers were described as simple minded, hill billies. Of course, the mullah were joined by all sorts of prominent people who rushed on one knee to condemn this horrendeous act. The best part was: Jones could have been held responsible for any backlash by the mullah gangs because he had offended them so. There was at least one report of Shilary Clinton expressing her gratitude for the uniquivocal condemnation of the disrespectful, disgraceful act which came from the US religious leaders of all presuasions. It went so far that even President Obama had to advice Jones to behave himself or else. Then there was Angelina Jolie, the BBC, Glenn Bleck, the FBI and a host of other compulsive do gooders expressing their condemnation and utter disgust. As the saying goes: one could not make it up!

    One wonders where are all these same prominent people when it comes to the persecution of the religious minorities in Muslim countries. Sickening!

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