It seems that 30 or so people have been murdered in and around Oslo by Muslims in the name of Islam

At the time I posted this, some world wide jihadi group had claimed responsibility for this attack. Now, media are accusing a ‘right wing extremist’ for the attack and some websites are even naming people as the culprit who cannot possibly have done it unless they are capable of bilocation.

I will refrain from saying anything more about this till there is some actual evidence. Much of what is being published I know for a fact to be untrue although not necessarily a conscious lie.

In a few minutes I will post a compilation video of several clips showing the awful unforgivable horror that whoever did this caused.


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5 Replies to “It seems that 30 or so people have been murdered in and around Oslo by Muslims in the name of Islam”

  1. What were the Labor Party’s youth discussing on Utoya before being shot to death? The group’s leader was denouncing Israel, calling for a boycott, and supporting recognition of a Palestinian state.

    AUF leader Eskil Pedersen believes it is time for stronger measures against Israel. He is impatient on behalf of a permanent two-state solution. – The world must exert tougher pressure.

    In the morning, visiting Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store Utøya. He will, among other things, participate in a debate on the situation in the Middle East.
    AUF has clear advice to the Norwegian government.

    “We like to talk, but as we have seen so has Israel not been interested, and have not listened to any of the clashes that have been made. The peace process is the wrong way, and though the whole world screaming for Israel to comply, they do not. We in Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side,” says Eskil Pedersen told Dagbladet.

  2. Norwegian media confirms 10 deaths in the shooting, as they clearly stated, they had only vitnesses who guessed the number earlier.
    The true numbers are 10 deaths and 7 injured.

  3. Shimmerburg:

    Fjordman didn’t do it unless he can bilocate and as he is not Padre Pio, then I think its safe to say it wasn’t him. Add to that the man who did this is already in custody and Fjordman is not then you have a solid case that it wasn’t him. Lastly, if it was someone who even remotly agrees with Fjordman’s world view, they would have attacked Muslim targets.
    Lastly, nationalism is a good thing. It is how a people can preserve individual rights. Just because one political party, a socialist one by the way, in all of the history of nations and over 200 of them abused the term ‘nationalist’ doesn’t make nationalism evil. People have to define themselves as groups in a geographical area. How else can we have diversity of culture and people if groups cannot have their own way of life?

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