Should the burqa be allowed in NZ society?

Seems the burka debate has reached pretty much everywhere.

From The New Zealand Herald


8:58 AM Thursday Jul 21, 2011
Photo / Amos Chapple


Photo / Amos Chapple

A Muslim women’s group is expected to tell a public forum tonight that the burqa is not a requirement in Islam and it is “an affront to human dignity” for women to be forced to wear it.

This month, a Saudi Arabian student was left crying on an Auckland street when a bus driver refused to let her board because she was wearing a Muslim veil, which she refused to remove.

This brought a call from Prime Minister John Key for New Zealanders to respect the beliefs of others, and for women not to be discriminated against because they wear the burqa.

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3 Replies to “Should the burqa be allowed in NZ society?”

  1. 1. I’ve no doubt the studies of this redundancy are paid for by a grant. 2. There’s no place for on the job market for creatures like this. 3. Why then waste precious taxpayer money to fund their studies.

  2. What about Canada????? Check out your inner cities and small towns all over this nation. There are women wearing the full burkha, only the slit for eyes, taking English Classes, new immigrants or refugees, whatever, they are backward ignorant imbicles, and who is responsible for letting them into this great nation to foster destruction from within, Jason Kenny???????? How many more will you let in????????
    NO one wants these insidious creeps here……

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