Norwegian politician charged with hate crime for stating obvious facts

Once again, civilized nations go galloping past Orwell to Kafka.

H/T Kitman

Remember this speech by a brave Norwegian politician?

Well here is the consequence of speaking clear, empirical truths:

(Below a machine translation of the above linked article)






















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8 Replies to “Norwegian politician charged with hate crime for stating obvious facts”

  1. Eeyore, are you familiar with ( They are a collection of conservative artists and are involved with SIOA ( They very recently put out a call to all conservative bloggers to trade traffic. You might want to check out their site. Big Fur Hat, the blogs main contributor, is personal friends with Pamela Gellar….seems like y’all would get along.

  2. I certainly do not like what is happening to these poor girls. They have my complete sympathy. The people doing this are racist and are evil.
    But is it not true that blonde Norwegians are racist towards non-blondes Norwegians and white people who are brunettes (the majority) that they spend their whole lives dying there hair so that it is blonde. Blonde racists are dictating the way lots of white people feel they should look. The power of this is not through some Nazi war machines as in the past but the power of the media that relentlessly tells us blonde is best. Lighter is best and so on. White people are often made to feel bad for having darker hair. At least that is the way it is on their heads. They usually do not dye their pubes which remains dark and give the game away as do the roots of the hair on the head. I call this kind of racism blonde racism and it is a form of racism that costs brunnetes a fortune in treasure and time. Wake up brunettes and stop this madness. I recently went on the web site of the the Jesus Army here in the wonderful UK. The ladies of that wonderful body of Christ do not dye their hair. The whole picture was of brunettes. Even my wife years back met some and remarked how dark they were. I now notice that is because they are natural and not involved in some bottle blonde madness that plagues brunnettes. They are more concerned with inner purity not some racist madness about the colour of one’s hair. Depth of soul is better way to be than worrying about hair colour which is the preserve of fools. The Fool has said in his heart that their are no Brunnetess. And the Brunnettes believe this lie.

  3. You can not say that about us Redheads. We are supreme because we do not trouble anyone and live and let live. Hardly anyone dyes their hair red. We are the greatest.

  4. This account concerns my husband Fjordman. He married me in my native Botswana and all was fine. I came to Norway and we lived among the beautiful Fjords. I live with him in an unsettled island we had bought from the government. Soon it was full of Botswanans who were mainly from my family and tribe. We lived a simple yet happy life. But my good husband was not happy. He said their was a lack of whiteness in his life. I said let me get out my silky white wedding dress. I put it on and he was happy. Later he insisted I wear a white bra and knickers too. I did so and he was happy. Whenever his mood was down we would start wearing white. Soon the whole town of Negroville was full of Botswananans who wore nothing but white. My husband was completely happy. Come to Negroville the White Clothing capital of Norway and enjoy a different kind of holiday.

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