Lowell Green: The Toronto Mosqueteria

I made this into a video but it looks like its going to take me all day and night to get it uploaded so here is just the audio portion for the moment. I have removed all unrelated calls and so on and left in just the people who dealt with the issue of the Toronto public school turned into a mosque Friday afternoons.

Lowell Green on the Toronto Mosqueteria from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

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2 Replies to “Lowell Green: The Toronto Mosqueteria”

  1. Yes, and why why why aren’t local news stations dealing with this travesty

    Little girls suffering gender discrimination, prejudice, apartheid, in the public school domain,

    What kind of nonsense is this.
    Have people who think this is a good idea and see nothing wrong with this been so brainwashed that they can not reason from the perspective of a free mind.

    It is surely against the laws in this country and these people in this school, the principal and the school board can be charged,

    Where are the hungry lawyers for a big class action against these promoters of hatred and gender apartheid, against the other students who must go along with this and accept it, surely there are injuroious effects on other students…..
    There must be some brilliant people who can think up some legal action against these retarded imbicles, and I used retarded in the classical sense.

  2. Hungry lawyers would have to be solicited by those who object. If they were, they’d challenge. I suspect that the boards have found a way to sidestep the law via human rights legislation, but that’s not to say a clever legal mind couldn’t contest.

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