My money is on, ‘this won’t work at all’

From Ansamed:

(ANSAmed) – PARIS – A large hangar on the outskirts of Paris could be turned into a place of worship for Muslims, with the city’s police keen to stop members of the community from praying on the streets. Police authorities have already identified a former barracks that could hold the large number of worshippers who meet every Friday in Rue Myrha and Rue Polonceau, in the multi-ethnic Goutte d’Or area in the north of the city. Prayers take place in the middle of the road because the nearby mosques are too small to deal with the numbers.

The situation, which has been going on for some time, has led to traffic and public order problems, with some local residents on a war footing. The leader of the far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen, has even drawn on the issue as part of her campaign for the 2012 Presidential elections. The government of President Nicolas Sarkozy, mindful of losing votes, has promised to resolve the issue.

Today’s Libération newspaper says that the police have found a huge hangar that could be turned into a makeshift mosque: a disused barracks near Porte des Poissonniers, between the road heading north out of Paris and the Périphérique, the city’s famous ring road. Yesterday, the Imam of the small mosque on Rue Myrha, Hamza Salah, visited the proposed new site. Moussa Diakité, the Imam of the mosque on Rue Polonceau, visited the hangar a few days ago.

The building is owned by the Ministry of Defence and part of it is already occupied by an association that provides support for the homeless. The other part, some 1,500 square metres, is currently unused. The plan would see the area shared between North African Muslims from the Rue Myrha mosque with sub-Saharan Muslims from the Rue Polonceau.

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  1. It would seem that the main drawback would be 180.000€ to “work on the building, which would also need to include a room for ablutions”.
    Do they have any of this on the streets of Paris?
    Surely it is merely a question of a more convenient location. They can pray apon the streets outside the barracks – then every one would be happy.

  2. I doubt that ‘space’ is the point of the exercise. This is blatant, in-your-face, Islamic bullying; a once a week exercise in ‘we’re doing this because we can’.
    The hanger would be counterproductive as it’s out of sight.

  3. MUST. NOT. MAKE. CHEAP. OBVIOUS. JOKE. ABOUT. AIRPLANES! Hnnnnnn! Thestrainistoomuch!

    It seems like a fine solution to me. If they cause trouble about this in future then it will be even more proof that they are disingenuous. Though I don’t see, if they have so many parishoners, why they could not have bought a building themselves. That part is still complete BS.

    “But how can (rent) be calculated when the site would only be used for a few hours a week?” Since when are mosques used just a few hours a week? The argument now is that it would only be used on fridays, but they will lay claim to the space 24/7. Multi purpose WON’T work. We have all heard about what muslims in different locations do to inconvenience other people who try to actually use such “multi” purpose “multi” faith rooms after they succeed in getting them.

  4. “a law passed in 1905 forbids the secular state from financing places of worship.”

    “The city authorities are planning to build a large Islamic cultural institute in the Goutte d’Or area… which would include two prayer rooms.”

    What is wrong with these two sentances? Aside from the fact that Islamic Cultural Instututes, Islamic Cultural Centers etc ABSOLUTELY ARE ALWAYS mosques. The major radical mosques in britain were labeled exactly thus as they were going thru the beurocracy and being built but then became centers for radicalization.

    It is against the law for the French government to fund a place of worship. The French government is building (thus funding) a place of worship. The French Government is breaking it’s own law. The article does not say the parishoners are building it. It says the city authorities are building it.

    What we have here is obviously the FDL’s next campagn.

  5. It is weird that they only do it in great numbers in the West but in places like Saudi Arabia or Asia, I have never seen them them group themselves in such a big numbers in the street or in the pavement to do their praying. If they had prayed alone like all their moslem women who prayed alone with their islamic hijab head covering, then the world would not be inconvenienced by their inconsiderate praying in big groups out in the streets.

  6. Its all wrong.

    A poster above got it right: It is against the law for the French government to fund a place of worship. The French Government is breaking it’s own law. The article does not say the parishoners are building it. It says the city authorities are building it.

    It may be a face saving exercise. If they Muslims accept (color me skeptical) the misguided polit-props of France might buy themselves some time, but not much. In the end, the never ending demands and the physical power of Mohammedanism will prevail.

    This thing will not go away. There will be blood!

  7. Giving in to the Islamic supremacists shows only weakness, they will constantly demand more concessions. Their goal is not religious freedom but the Islamization of France and the implementation of Sharia Law.

  8. You got that right Big Frank, and given what is going on in the Mideast we can expect massive violence there soon, and with Turkey doubling the size of their military and all of Europe cutting the size of theirs we can expect Turkey to come to the aid of the rioting Moslems to prevent their rights being violated.

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