Muzzling Muslim Muezzin

This is something I have fantasized about doing myself many many times. My warmest congratulations to the people in Bulgaria that had the stones to go and actually do it. If they ever put up a mosque near me and start blaring that crap five times a day, I hope I have what it takes to do this:

Thank you AK very much for the tip.

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10 Replies to “Muzzling Muslim Muezzin”

  1. Christian liturgic music , monophonic or polyphonic, sounds heavenly while Muslim monosyllabic “allahu akhba” drives them crazy so as to bomb themselves in order to enjoy the 72 virgins up there.

  2. Most of us in the west have very short memories. Bulgaria and many Balkan countries haves had to put up with centuries of extremely harsh, sadistic, and oppressive Ottoman rule. To say the least ‘they are not going to take it anymore’.

  3. This is EXACTLY the kind of pushback that is needed. Why is it ok for Muslims to move in and push their culture on everyone surrounding them several times a day and yet we’re supposed to shut up and be oh so “respectful?” They show zero respect for their neighbors and don’t care at all whether they are disturbing people with their whiny, tinny “call to prayer.” If people in every neighborhood did this the message would be lear and unambiguous. Keep it to yourself or move.

  4. Outstanding. Keep it up, all day and night, every day and night. Organised dog walking up and down the street as well. Make sure the dogs are given plenty to drink prior to putting on their lead btw.

    Have some preacher remind everyone through those speakers that Jesus is the son of God, and that he was crucified and died for those Muslims’ sins. They need to hear that. Every day and every night. Until they get the message.

  5. I would play some death metal…Dethklok and Megadeth come to mind. Better yet, how about “Far beyond the sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen?

  6. That’s one way. Isn’t there technology that can address this without an entire community going deaf from competing decibles? Isn’t there a method to direct a sudden power surge to short out all electricty to the mosque &/or tower during the call to prayer?

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