First they take Jerusalem; then they take Madrid

Now and again I feel it is worth posting little reminders to those in denial of the nature and intentions of Islam. Israel isn’t the problem. Israel is merely the first obstacle to Islamic global ambitions. Islamic doctrine states that once an area has been controlled by Muslims, it is forever more ‘Islamic Land’ which somehow differentiates it from regular infidel land that was promised to Muslims by Mohamed’s alter ego Allah.

Here is a clip from MEMRI 2008 where this ambition is explained clearly with German and English subtitles. Notice the clear reference to spain. This is no joke. OBL also reffered to retaking Spain in at least one of his videos when he was still relevant. The price of Al Andaluz is a big one, and they will focus on it the moment they feel Israel is a done deal. For Firefox users, you may have to click here to see the video.

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  1. In the long term though, any gain of Islam in sovereignty over Jerusalem, has far greater implications for us winning or loosing the war. If Islam ever managed to secure the second goal, then the whole of the Christian world, from the US to Philippines, will have to defer to Muslim wishes. For instance to secure access to Christian Holy sites, the West may have to grant a special place to Sharia law in their own societies. Thus the whole process of Dhimmification of the non-Muslim world will gather pace, as more and more concessions are demanded.

    Islam’s claim to Jerusalem is totally spurious. Jerusalem is a Holy place for Judaism and Christianity only and in that order. I therefore believe that Jerusalem is the key to the West’s survival. We need to continuously remind ourselves, that the forces of jihad do not accept compromises, except as a short term measure, when faced with defeat.

  2. DP111 you are of course, exactly right. Islam’s claim on Jerusalem as you clearly know, is a tactic. They built a mosque there so they could claim it. Which is a lot like Apple putting up an office next to Bill Gates’ and then insisting that they own Microsoft and everyone else has to leave.

    I notice that Pat condell has also realized this in his second last video and I was pleased to see it. This is a bigger issue than the mere truth or falsity of religious statements.

  3. Eeyore this issue is about the survival of freedom and civilization, while I firmly believe that the US will survive the coming time of troubles I am not use it will be the US I know and love. I still think we are in the opening decades of a new dark age, the next few years will determine if we sink deeper into the dark age or emerge into a new enlightenment.

    We are sailing a leaky skiff on uncharted waters in a hurricane, all we can do is hang on, fight back and pray.

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