Does anyone think that this report, or anyone who helped write this report posted below from ‘The Council of Europe’, would even consider that the kinds of hate crimes laws they want to pass would be enforced against the hate being preached to 95% of mosque attending Muslims? Or are these laws strictly for the use of non-European immigrants and especially Muslims to protect themselves against anyone attempting to expose their agenda of supremacism and destruction of Western liberal democracies.




16 June , 11:42

(ANSAmed) – STRASBOURG, JUNE 16 – Racism has become widespread, consolidated and ‘legitimised’ in Europe, fostered by the rise of extreme right-wing parties and referendums on religious minorities and foreigners. This is an synthesis of the alarm raised by the Council of Europe in the commission’s report against racism and intolerance published today. According to the ECRI commission document, in 2010 racist and intolerant speech and behaviours ceased definitively to be solely the domain of extremist and marginal groups in European societies. Over the past year growing electoral success was achieved by extreme right-wing parties in many European states, accompanied by an ever more frequent use of xenophobic arguments by political leaders and a worrisome increase in referendums against religious minorities and foreigners. Faced with this legitimisation of intolerance and racism aimed at minorities, whether the latter be the Roma ethnic group, immigrants, or Muslim, ECRI says that the current laws prohibiting ”hate speech” are no longer adequate. According to the Council of Europe body, members of parliament must take on a clear ethical code which makes it ”impossible” to make use of racist speech, and that all parties and politicians voluntarily sign a document obliging them to adhere to ”good practices”. ECRI has also warned of the danger inherent in the ever-more widespread speeches based on the idea that some communities are so different form each other that they cannot live together.

”This ideology,” reports ECRI, ”threatens social cohesion as much as the ideology based on racial superiority.” (ANSAmed).

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  1. Since the Council of Europe is a puppet of the Turkish prime-minister Recep the Arab Erdoclown, this ought to come as a surprise to no one, just as the fact that in this “report” there is no mention whatsoever of something most Europeans have become aware of: sharia, gang-rapes, welfare fraud, poppy-burning, dishonor murders, the sexual grooming of non-mahoundian teenage girls and a whole lot more such examples of a barbaric and primitive kind of behavior (all of which can be summed up in one word, and that is ISLAM) are not a race.

  2. WTF is the “ECRI ?”

    Wanna bet that its Eklemeddin Ihsanoghlu from the OIC who has a war chest of over $ 100 million to corrupt and pervert every EU- commie?

    Tell me it isn’t so!

  3. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) has taken a side in the Cultural war against native European Cultures. Heretofore it is now the enemy of all native European cultures. Its’ attempt to create a false narrative is indicative of its own hostile intent with those aggressors currently waging a pogrom of cultural genocide against all native European cultures. In effect it has just declared itself irrelevant as a governing body.

  4. Sheikh, ECHI it is one of those agencies or processes at the disposal of the EU committed to the wholesale destruction of freedoms such as that of speech. It has unlimited resources and and unlimited power. Club states stand by obediently, ready if called upon: to ban, imprison and to borrow a phrase from Winston Churchill , ” to shear alway the people in masse; to pulverize without hope or repair what is left of civilization”.
    I agree with the comment: Kafir 7908. One thing is for sure: when the ruling elite target a minority group for preferential treatment at the expense of the majority, democracy becomes dyfunctional and is on the road to totaltarianism. Majority resentment slowly builds up rather like air within a pressure cooker. If it not reversed, the end result will be terrible.

  5. vangrungy that is an understatement, the trouble will start this summer but most won’t call it a group of civil wars until sometime next year.

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