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16 Replies to “German Chancellor – “We Must Accept High Crimerate of Immigrant Youths””

  1. Their answer is to teach those dirty thugs how to BEAT PEOPLE UP BETTER?!?

    Boxing does NOT decrease aggression. Who would you rather get into an argumet with, Mike Tyson or Tiny Tim? Case closed.

    They should be forcing these scumbags to take yoga, not reinforcing their aggression.

    The only good news is that these scumbags will be hitting each other for a change.

  2. What a crock of liberal defeatist crap. Years ago in the US some politicians even had the backbone to run on a ‘law and order’ platform. The Political Correctness approach to this so-called problem is sickening. The safety and security of the citizens and the state are one of the prime responsibilities of a government, here the German government has failed it’s citizens miserably. These so-called immigrant ‘yooouths’ are basically common criminals, hoodlums and, thugs who mock and disrespect the host nation, remain on the dole, refuse to assimilate, find meaningful employment, and would be beaten or shot in there former homelands. IMHO the German citizens will take only so much of this BS and will handle the situation themselves , in spite of what the lackeys and lapdogs of the ‘immigrant community’ say or do.

  3. Total surrender and treason on the part of the euro-elite!

    First and foremost this must be seen as a statement to the native populations, that the eurocrats are not going to solve the problems they themselves have created and that they do not have the will to do it either.

    So if the germans (and many others) want peace and security back, they have to elect leaders withs balls and love of country!

  4. I think it’s a mistranslation – she’s saying that we have to accept the fact that the immigrant crime rate is high, but in the sense that we must recognise it and not hide from it. I don’t think she’s actually saying we have to accept more crime from immigrants.

  5. Yes she is admitting the crime rate among immigrants is too high, but it won’t be
    solved by giving them boxing lessons. The situation has arisen because of the
    political eunuchs who inhabit the EU. Cut out the political correctness which prevents
    our police forces from doing their job properly and give these parasitical lawbreakers
    sentences which fit the crime and on completion deport them back to the country
    from whence they came. (in a box if necessary).

  6. It’s the usual german approach, in some weird way, to teach them how to beat others up properly, inside jail and outside. Can’t explain it either, how that is supposed to work. You can almost tell by the density of such fight clubs, if there are a lot of muslims living in the area, sometimes they have euphemistic names like centre for therapy.

  7. Want to stop Muslim immigrants, and that’s what they are, as I cant imagine, Chinese, Vietnamese or Hindu immigrants going on criminal and riotous sprees, then start deportation. The problem will stop instantly.

  8. Typical drivel from a modern politician, it once again shows that the Europeans are being deserted by their governments and need to form national defense leagues that will force the politicians to do what they were elected to do.

  9. I think she is the first pm in Germany to address this sad situation. It began many decades ago when the country imported the Turkish work force. There were whole areas of Berlin I recall that had nothing but Turkish shops, restaurants etc, not unlike many German cities. Then with continued immigration and subsequent influx once the Europeans were conned into thinking that the EU was the answer to economic problems the implications of this cracked decision, we can now see clearly.
    Angela Merkel is the first PM to actually speak openly about this nightmare.
    We have the same situation here in Canada that everyone just ignores and pretends doesn’t exist.

  10. And more than that Morticia. People are openly hostile when you explain that no-go areas are forming in our cities. I speak to people sometimes who have been ethnically cleansed out of areas in Ottawa and Toronto for example and they are so relieved when they talk to someone who believes them. Most of course have PC names for them.

  11. Typical PC nonsense. What she should have said is that we will not accept any high crime rate from anyone, be they Turkish or German. All fair under one law. This is almost sharia. Almost but not quite. A few more years down the road and it might end up that way: One law for them and one for the Germans. No. One law for everyone and Turks who break the law should be punished as would native Germans and encouraged not to do so in future. Zero tolerance. They should be expected to come up to western norms of civilization since they are living in a western country.

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