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11 Replies to “Variation on a joke from the 70s”

  1. I promise that after this embarrassing incident since all my negro buddies feel so ashamed that we will leave all white countries we presently live in and go to Africa never to return……………Ashamed negro.

  2. If I didn’t know this blog so well I would think this was a fake, those people have to be suffering from terminal stupidity, and that statement may be complementing them.

  3. Actually, Richard, that wasn’t far from my reaction the first time I went down the escalator to the Moscow Subway. You wouldn’t believe how steep and long and fast that baby is – definitely not built in a land of insurance agents and personal injury lawyers. And on the left, there’s a line of people actually running. It was pretty much, “You’ve got to be kidding” on my part, until someone shouted, “davai, davai!”.

  4. Chris, that’s right, russian (Petersburg) ones run on a quick pace and they seem to be endless, plus the doors might crush your bones…but this are the very safe german versions, think even the french’s go faster^^

  5. This is the Nordstan shopping mall in Gothenburg, Sweden. The increase of muslims in Sweden and the islamization of the Swedish society is terrifying. Somalis are to be seen even in the smallest Swedish villages nowadays.

  6. Britain has allowed in over 300,000 Somalis, which is around 3% of the total population of Somalis in the world. Some 95% living on Welfare, the rest are either in prison or on their way there.

    Even by East African standards, Somalis are “different”. Somali society is essentially a clan based nomadic society, with highway robbery playing a pivotal role in Somali economy – if one can call it that. Most travellers to that part of the world have written of the contempt and hostility of other East Africans, such as Kenyans and Ethiopians, for Somalis.

    So we have, in the Great Multicultural Sweepstakes, imported hundreds of thousands of primitive Somalis into Europe/West, without bothering to find out if they were even remotely capable of adjusting to civilisation.

    In “All the trouble in the world”, 1994, P. J. O’Rourke, has a complete chapter on Somalia, and its well worth reading.

    The general consensus of the marines deployed in Somalia at the time was to give Somalis more weapons and ammunition, and seal the borders.

  7. Each time I sigh & nod in agreement to comments in posts like this, I find it important to remind folks that there are exceptions to the obvious . . .in this case, that being the exemplary example of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Pray there are more Somali’s like her.

    The female in the video appears to be relatively young and healthy – and the accompanying male doesn’t appear to have any notable disability. Having said that, there is a condition where impaired depth perception can cause such hesitation. I have a family member with such a condition. Descending a flight of stairs is a nightmarish experience for this individual. It takes a great deal of patience and support to complete such a task. Six short stairs can take 30 minutes or more to tackle.

  8. We all forget from childhood but using an escalator for the first time is not that easy. I’ve had my whole life to get used to stepping onto an escalator and I still have to look and step carefully when getting on one, especially the down escalators. I don’t think it’s in good taste to mock someone who has to figure it out for the first time as an adult. This vid is more about mocking someone merely for being different than becaue they have an evil agenda.

    I take immense pleasure in being as sadistic as possible to jihadi wannabes on youtube but I don’t think its right to mock people merely for being different.

    That she’s having trouble with it (and the quality of both womens clothes) makes me think they may be visiting the country as tourists.

    It does, however illustrate one more way in which the burka is not compatable with modern living. That stupid potatoe sack she’s wearing could easily get stuck in the mechanism and kill her.

  9. My point was, if it is funny to mock Khol for being stuck on an elevator when it in fact, did not happen, then it would be racist to not mock these 2 when it really did. It implies that black people or Africans or whatever, have no ability to work ut a simple thing, so to mock it is cruel, the same way mocking a leper for having bad complexion might be. I prefer to hold all people to the same standards. If it was funny to mock a middle aged white German when in fact it did not happen, then it is funny to these two when it actually does.

  10. I get your point now. That is an excelent explanation of why you’d put this video up. You should add that to the comment that appears above it, otherwise more people might have the same reaction I did.

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