Several hundred cases of child marriage in Sweden every year

From Jihad Watch:

Eurabia Update: “Flera hundra fall av barnäktenskap i Sverige,” from Dagen, April 20: “Several hundred cases of child marriages in Sweden,” translation by Danish psychologist and author Nicolai Sennels:

Immigrants in Sweden: 200 child marriages yearly; 8,500 fear forced marriagesMuslim immigration has introduced a new perspective on love in Sweden: Child marriages and forced marriages.

A couple of hundred child marriages are registered every year in Sweden. This is the conclusion after analysing data that the government ordered from the central tax office. It concerns persons immigrating to Sweden who apply for marriage and persons with Swedish citizenship who marry foreigners.

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  1. The European governments and bureaucrats are turning a blind eye to these crimes so they don’t have to address the fact that their multi-cultural programs have failed. Unfortunately their lack of courage and honor are going to cost everyone a lot of time, money and blood before things are straightened out.

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