Ethnic cleansing of Christians in Islamic world increasing in tempo and amplitude.

I dread what Bill Warner’s next bulletin of Christian Persecution will look like. Here are a couple of links, courtesy of Fjordman, from Jihad Watch just from the past day or so.

Muslims involved in murder of 10 Christians and burning of Churches acquitted

Lahore (AsiaNews) – Pakistan’s fundamentalists are rejoicing following the acquittal verdict. The country’s Christian minority is “under shock” because, this time as well, the massacre of innocent victims done in the name of the infamous blasphemy law will go unpunished. The justice system also shows its powerlessness vis-à-vis extremists who can carry out heinous crimes with total impunity, whilst the government remains silent. Meanwhile, a Muslim religious leader publicly says that Christians “deserve” to be murdered.

Rioters who ransack churches, attack priest get light sentences:


Anger management in Modern, Moderate IndonesiaWhat if it had been a mosque, and not a church? What if it had been an imam, and not a priest? No one would be getting off with a few months in jail, minus time served. Of course, Indonesia has been downplaying the role of Islamic supremacism in this attack since the beginning, with a police chief insisting the attacks “had nothing to do with religion,” even though the rioters went on a rampage in the first place because they wanted a death sentence for “blasphemy” against Islam. And in that case, the defendant, while he was described as being of a Christian background, had insulted Catholics as well as Muslims. Only the latter group responded in this way.

Both of the above stories are from Jihad Watch. Please click over and read the whole story.


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3 Replies to “Ethnic cleansing of Christians in Islamic world increasing in tempo and amplitude.”

  1. Brace yourself, attacks like this are going to continue until even the LSM can’t ignore them, we are in a war of survival and these events are part of that war.

  2. One after the other we are deliberately setting Muslim nations on fire, replacing reasonably acceptable dictators with Muslim Brotherhood type regimes. The end effect will be that these regimes will persecute Christians with far greater ferocity then the dictatorial regimes they have replaced. In addition, they are quite likely to actively start military ops against the West.

    Now the question is – Is this a good or bad development?

  3. The answer depends on who ends up winning the war, if the West wakes up and wins it will be a good result, if we lose it will be a bad result. Either way reality will force the public to acknowledge that the left has been bad for the west.

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