Muslim group plants bomb at Nigerian church. Kills 6, injures more.

The article below from My Joy Online doesn’t explain that Boko Haram planted one of the bombs at a church. The STRATFOR report does. The name means, ‘Western education is forbidden’.

At least five people have been killed after police stations were attacked in the northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, hospital sources say.

The BBC’s Bilkisu Babangida in the city says there were at least three explosions, while gunfire rang out in what is believed to be the latest attack by the Boko Haram Islamist sect.

Its members have killed dozens of police officers and politicians in the city in the past year.

It wants to overthrow Nigeria’s state.

It believes that Western education is wrong.

In 2009, hundreds of its supporters were killed in Maiduguri after they attacked police stations.

On Monday, the sect was accused of killing a cleric from a different Muslim tradition who had criticised it.

Ibrahim Birkuti was shot dead outside his home in the town of Biu, some 200km (120 miles) south of Maiduguri.

Like previous victims of Boko Haram, he was killed by a gunman riding a motorbike.

Last week, Boko Haram told the BBC it had carried out a series of bombings after President Goodluck Jonathan’s inauguration last week.

A sect spokesman said it was also responsible for killing the brother of the Shehu of Borno, one of Nigeria’s most important Islamic leaders.

The police have made hundreds of arrests and even banned motorbikes at night but have not been able to stop the violence.

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2 Replies to “Muslim group plants bomb at Nigerian church. Kills 6, injures more.”

  1. Another example of Moslem tolerance, we in the West are suppose to tolerate their intolerance because they are “primitives” and don’t know any better. The Moslems are either primitive and childish, in which case they shouldn’t be allowed to run their own affairs, or they are adults who are capable of taking care of themselves, in which case they are criminals who should be in prison. The left can’t have it both ways, they need to pick one description and stick to it.

  2. Maybe it is time for another attempt at genocide, like the one in the early 60.s when the islamics in the north tried to slaughter all the Ibo, for oil, only close to a million or so, maybe two were gutted, shot and hacked into ditches during that big one…
    Clans, tribes, islamics, generally, the islamics win out in those regions, as they are the most brutal, without conscience, hacking and shooting their way to the top, just as ugly as in the eastern parts, if anybody would ever teach all this truth to anybody with ears to listen
    But soon in most areas they won’t even be able to learn about the WWII holocosts, so why would anyone expect all the facts to ever come out about anything,,,
    In more recent times, what about the Serbs, completely demonized, what a joke that is.

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