Ottawa’s Michael Harris doesn’t miss the point on Israel at all.

You have to actually aim for the point to stand a chance of missing it.

Here is the link to the broadcast of his show on Israel. Please select May 26th Paul Heinbecker. I am told he says some astonishingly inaccurate things, but I wasn’t able to listen to all of it so I can’t say for sure. What I did hear was interesting, which would be one way of putting it.

The Pat Condell video would be an excellent response to this show, as would the Col. Richard Kemp but as I already posted them, here is something else someone sent me which is quite appropriate.

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8 Replies to “Ottawa’s Michael Harris doesn’t miss the point on Israel at all.”

  1. The Israelis live in the 21st Century, the Moslems live in the 7th Century. This is all anyone needs to know to realize that not all cultures are equal.

    The reason that so many people don’t know who the enemy is, is a result of the lamestream media refusing to admit we are in a war of survival and tell the truth about what is going on, during WWII FDR had Hollywood make a large number of “Why we fight” shorts to be played in the theaters. These kept the home front notified that we were still at war and that the troops needed their support, this wasn’t done in Korea and Nam and isn’t being done now, thus more and more people are saying that we shouldn’t be fighting.

  2. I gave up listening to Harris. His so call ‘facts’ certainly suit his opinion of the middle east but they are certainly not the reality of the situation over there. That’s what being educated beyond the size of your brain does to you.

  3. There is no radio commentator in Canada or maybe in all North America that hates Israel as much as Michael Harris of 580cfra of Ottawa. He is obsessed with supporting the palestinians and just giving daily sermons to the unemployable losers who idolize him.

    His arguments are specious, his cherrypicking of facts is obvious and he is a mental dwarf when it comes to things zionism, islamism, etcc.

    To him the only conflict is Israeli/Arab which even presenting like that, as he does, ignores religion and history. Is Chile about to return land it won from Bolivia? NO

    It is clear that he is being paid by muslim groups to blabla on and on and to be rude to those callers who know history and facts.

    If you want to know the voice the jew hating left, listen to Michael Harris. He must have the support of management. Good thing that he is on at a time that everyone is working and broadcasts from an insignificant station in an insignificant city that lives in a bubble of its own importance.

    With all of the conflicts in the world, harris is obsessed with this one. If it were up to me, I would have liquidated Hamas and Fatah and anyone who stands in the way, female, boy, old man, dog, donkey, etc. a long ago.

    This “wound” leftover from the 1960s is not going away due to muslim money, in general.

    Never mind that there are 14 palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Palestinians are not allowed to work as engineers, lawyers or doctors there. Never mind that Jordan does not want them either.

    I have to wonder who listens to this piece of garbage harris. Yesterday he allowed some demented chick talk about Israel’s execution of egyption pows in 1967. I never heard of this.

    Id like to know wht his ratings are. They must be low.

  4. James B you are a classic moron! You spew nonsense and venom without providing facts. You provide deflections and lead people to other conflicts in order to move people on from the facts. You discuss everything but the truth. You want to liquidate living people and he wants to discuss how to bring peace to the region. Go crawl back into the hole you were spawned from…

    You are brainwashed and use your political partisanship to come to boneheaded conclusions. While Michael Harris tries to have an intelligent discussion concerning the decades old war in the middle east, you have provided the fools of this city with a voice to represent them…

    Try to look up international law, gain an understanding of what an occupation is, or read into the Balfour act and how it was implemented. Try to do some research and learn something other than the garbage our mainstream media (both left and right wing) spews at you. Be more than a fool!

    Harris’s rating are higher than anything you have ever earned but that goes without saying…

  5. Dave M:

    Care to tell me one objection to the legitimacy of Israel as a nation state that does not apply equally or more so to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE? Especially Pakistan actually.

    Looking forward to it.


  6. Eeyore

    Pakistan was carved out by the residents of that region who were Muslim and wanted to split from their Indian brothers. Many bloody and long battles were fought by the residents of that region.

    The UAE was a mixed pot of emirates run by various emirs and Sheiks that decided to band together but when some of the regions (Bahrain and Qatar) couldn’t agree they were granted their freedom and recognized as independent states. The rulers of these regions (with huge British and US influence) were the ones who carved out the land now known as the UAE.

    Saudi Arabia is a country carved out from the wars fought after the fall of the Ottoman empire. The regional rulers fought long and bloody battles before taking the land known as SA.

    All of these places more or less had their regions fought for and decided by themselves. Each has been granted UN recognition and accepted as an independent country.

    The land now known as Israel was under Ottoman rule and had been an Arabic region for hundreds of years before the British decided to establish a home for the Jewish people. The Brits literally drew lines on a map and stole the region from its native people (some of whom I concede WERE Jews, but they were a tiny minority). Most of Israels citizens immigrated there after this betrayal by the British of the Arabic people.

    I do not contend the existence of Israel as it is a UN recognized legitimate state. I contend the occupied lands not given to the Israeli’s in this initial agreement and taken during the 7 day war in 1967. Legally this is occupied territory and Israel is breaking international law by staying there and building homes while oppressing the Palestinians who live there…

    But this is a typical strategy that deflects the actual issues from the real reasons for the conflict taking place in Israel. It has nothing to do with the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. It has to do with Israel and the Palestinians. But since you asked for a difference I offer you the above mentioned differences…

  7. Dave M – what happened to Michael Harris? Was he fired? HALLEJULAH. The land of Judea and Samaria has been the land of the Jews since time immemorial. More jews were thrown out of the arab world than were arabs ” thrown out” – rather told to leave by arab leaders to allow their armies to invade the new Israel.

    Tell me Dave – why are there no jewish refugees.


    The conflict does not involve real estate. It is ALL ideology – the venom of Islam. It will never accept a non Islamic state as a neighbour.

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