Facebook shows its own two faces.

This is very disturbing. It would appear that Facebook is basically deciding what political groups can use facebook and which ones cannot. I have always distrusted facebook for my own reasons but this is far worse than I would have thought it to be. If anyone has an active political group or indeed a group of any kind on facebook, and I direct this at Coptic groups especially, download your full member contact info, make sure your subscribers send you their real world contact info such as non-facebook email etc. (This all goes for youtube as well) Get your own webpages and operate off of those. Facebook is attempting to determine what can use its social networking and what cannot and so far the list on both sides I find disturbing.

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  1. The left is starting to move to take over the net, so far the net has provided the conservatives a place to find the real news and get their side out, now the left is moving to once again shut their political enemies from doing both. This was the past in the US with the fairness doctrine that was repealed in the 1980s, since then the left has been losing power in the US.

  2. FYI:

    There is a very good site(so far) Called Freedom Torch. It is very small and is very accepting of Counter Jihadist, islam, fighting islam and sharia law posts and feeds.
    Groups are very welcome there and it is mostly an excllent mix of real Conservatives with many from outside the USA joining FT. You may want to check this site out. I do little on FB anymore and have done a lot at FT. Here is the URL:


    This takes you to the ‘members’ login page but there is a link to join FT. CHECK IT OUT!

  3. Parts of the net are still free, but the left is working hard to take over the entire thing to shut down dissenting voices, hopefully they won’t succeed.

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