Selling shoes in Montreal, tantamount to genocide. Apparently. If the shoes are Israeli.

Here is a screen capture of a machine translation of an article sent to me by ‘Bad Faun’. The original article is in French. Anyone who speaks French please feel free to put a better translation in the comments and ill move it up to the post.

Add this to some of the other recent activities in Montreal, mostly by ‘MLA’ (Quebec pretends its provincial legislature is a federal one so they call its members, ‘Members of the legislative assembly’ instead of Members of Provincial Parliament) Amir Khadr who has been leading these protests and demonstrations in front of the shoe store, which is in his own riding.

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2 Replies to “Selling shoes in Montreal, tantamount to genocide. Apparently. If the shoes are Israeli.”

  1. I should clarify what Quebec calls its provincial leaders.

    They are MNAs, Members of the National Assembly, which is what Quebec calls its provincial legislature.

    Unless I am mistaken, shoes never killed anyone, unless they are worn by Muslim terrorists attempting to blow up planes with them.

    Islam is such a waste of humanity.

  2. Anti-Semitism is alive and well in the west, what is worse it is spreading beyond the Moslem/hard left groups that have always been anti-Semites into the ordinary people. Things are going to get real nasty in the next few years.

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