Thanks to Person of  The Book for forwarding this story to the Tundra Tabloids. The TT posted earlier about Veena Malik’s confrontation with a Pakistani cleric, warning about her becoming a possible victim of an attack, perhaps acid thrown in her face etc., it now appears that she was purposefully hit by another car with the intent of causing he bodily harm. It wouldn’t surprise to hear that she has moved abroad. KGS

While initial Pakistani media reports said that Veena Malik was injured in a car crash, her publicist said that it was a deliberate attack. Her publicist Sohail Rashid said: “A speeding vehicle overtook Veena Malik’s car, hit its side door and raced off. The car went off-balance and collided.”[1] “It seemed as if they deliberately hit our car. We couldn’t see their faces. They hit us, and saw our car colliding. They would have stopped had they hit us by mistake,” Rashid said, adding that Malik is now out of danger and her condition is stable.[2]

In January 2011, Malik earned the ire of Islamic clerics in Pakistan and orthodox circles by confronting Pakistani cleric Mufti Abdul Qawi on a live Pakistani television program after she was accused of disgracing Pakistan and Islam for her appearance on ‘Big Boss,’ the Indian version of the television show ‘Big Brother.’ On the Pakistani program she accused Pakistani clerics of teaching a distorted version of Islam and accused the religious scholars were responsible for molesting children in Islamic seminaries.


  1. She’s a brave lady to buck those controlling men! It must be done though or it shall never end. Just keep lots of guards around and maybe these people will tire of the chase & go after someone else. That seems to be what they do.

  2. She had to know this was coming, if I were her I would be moving to another nation, not one that is Moslem but rather a semi free one. I say semi free because no nation is truly a free nation these days, we can pray that we will regain our freedom. But she needs to get out of Pakistan, the people after her won’t give up, they won’t get tired, they will continue until they kill her.

  3. Too understand just how they feel about her consider the way Salman Rusdi (sp?) remained in hiding for the rest of his life after they said they were going to kill him. The imam and his followers will never forgive a woman for standing up to him and making him look like a fool. As I said if she doesn’t cut and run she is dead.

  4. I think that\s why the ugly islamic men make them cover themselves, they are so beautiful that they do stop traffic, launch a thousand ships, whatever, while they look like the backside of the pigs and donkeys they rode in on

    Hopefully this incredibly beautiful woman won’t have even the tiniest scar on her beautiful face or body
    And hopefully, she will go to Hollywood and leave those imbicles to themselves
    in their rat infested country

  5. Islam will destroy all that is beautiful, humane and free.

    She is all three.

    More power to her and all who support her. Lets hope that she survives to emigrate to the US, where she might get some protection.

    Islam is all that is hateful, corrupt and enslaving.

  6. Throughout history those who dared to speak the truth and stand up against centuries old dictatorial edicts by these Imams or ‘Leaders’, are often killed or harmed, in order to keep the ‘faithful’ in line. Izzlam is all about power and control.

  7. You got that right Big Frank, if anyone wants to understand why the Moslems are so controlling and controlled have them study modern cults and the tactics of modern cult leaders. The modern cult leaders are doing the same thing to their followers that Mohammad did to his.

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