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4 Replies to “Pat Condell: Come on Ireland”

  1. Right on Pat! What Ireland needs is another Michael Collins not another stupid politicians drunk on committee meetings full of ideas to impose more Euro regulation on the people of Ireland.

  2. Mao said that all power comes from the barrel of a gun, in reality all freedom has come from the barrels of guns, in medieval Europe only England allowed their commoners to own weapons that could kill an armored knight. England/Britain became freer and freer as the weapons improved and Europe followed suite, then in the early 2oth Century politicians who were afraid of communist revolts started disarming the civilians in Europe. Now the spiritual descendents of those the gun laws were to protect freedom from are using the gun laws and the lack of the means for the Europeans to rebel to force all nations in or near Europe into a socialist utopia that is falling apart. This century events are going to force the Europeans to chose between freedom and slavery, and soon.

  3. Freedom is one choice, Islam and EU slavery are two other choices that Europeans have to make during the next two decades.

    I’m sad to say that Europe will choose one of the two latter things in the name of political correctness and the need for OPEC oil and gas. Either way, it spells the end of the unique cultures that made Europe’s history so bloody in times past. With one homogenous, post-Islamic culture threatening to overwhelm her shores, the EU has done nothing but write more legislation, save more billionaires and their bank accounts at the expense of the people and capitulate to more insane demands of Muslim fifth columns living in her cities.

    Its exactly what the sheiks, imams, mullahs and clerics want. A united Europe that allows all cultures, especially the totalitarian political culture of Islam, to live side-by-side with freedom-loving people who have no idea how to stop the invasion.

    I know. Ship them all back, close the door behind them and never let any more in until Islam joins the 21st century. But, alas, that will never happen as the Muslims of the world have never known anything but their own slavery. They have never known anything but their own ignorance of the world.

    And still the EU marches on to Europe’s eventual destruction with sham elections of politicians who are hampered from preventing the Muslim invasion on the one hand, and appeasing the IMF and mega-banks on the other by ever-constricting rules and legislation.

    Too bad for Europe. Too bad for the west. Its a sign of things to come, and Orwell’s world may soon come to pass, over 27 years later than predicted.

  4. I see the possiblity that later this century (if we get our act together) North America and Australia will have to liberate Europe from the Moslems.

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