This is great for Denmark, but a bad sign for the EU



Denmark: Government Plans Tighter Border Controls
May 11, 2011
The Danish government announced May 11 that it would reinstate guards along the Swedish and German borders and conduct spot checks, the Wall Street Journal reported. The agreement, a compromise between ruling coalition partners in the Conservative and Venstre parties, would enact the border controls in exchange for enacting austerity measures such as raising the retirement age and cutting retirement benefits. The government has set aside $52 million for equipment and wages. Danish Justice Minister Lars Barfoed said the government will ensure that the tighter controls will not impede border crossings by citizens and businesses. The Danish government has sent a formal document to the European Commission, which will evaluate the legality of the policy change.

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  1. This is the first small step on a great journey, one that all nations are embarked on, it is just that most don’t realize it yet. For about 150 years the world has flirted with various types of Marxism or if you prefer Fascism, now the original form is reasserting itself and we are being forced to face reality and fight for our survival and or freedom. Anything that helps the cause of freedom is good, and that includes nations closing their borders to immigrants if those immigrants are a danger to civilization.

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